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Monday, August 3, 2009

MMM - August 3rd 2009

Good morning, all. Beacon Girl again with the Monday Morning Messages.

Took an unscheduled week off. Sorry about that.

We currently have several active stories:

Ana: Maiden Elf Warrior by Stacy/Freddie (2 episodes)
Twice the Fun by Bevie (2 episodes)
Bear and Man by Wolverine (1 episode)
On Trial For Treason by Bevie (7 episodes)

Currently, none of the stories have new episodes officially scheduled, but Twice the Fun has been publishing on Tuesdays, Ana: Maiden Elf Warrior and Bear and Man have been publishing on Thursdays, and On Trial For Treason has been publishing on Saturdays.

It is also possible On Trial For Treason will run with a new title as there was kind of a resolution to the trial in last Saturday's post. It looks like Panthera will be returning to Lower Earth to resume her hunt for Pelage.

Stacy has commented on her post that there is more to come, and Bear and Man left off with a definite cliff hanger.

It is a shame we have not heard from some of our other Heroes in a while, but from reading their blogs it is clear the Authors are all quite busy. For anyone who may be new to the Legion here are some other Heroes you may wish to look up. Click on their labels along the right sidebar.

Una Gatto Dea - not heard from since 5-14-09
Sorrow - not heard from since 5-7-09
Fairy Hedgehog - not heard from since 5-4-09
Boetha: The Electric Zombie - not heard from since 5-2-09
Mad Smart Pirate - not heard from since 4-30-09

These are excellent Heroes and their stories are wonderful. Do take the time to read their episodes.

Hope you have a great week.

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