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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Twice the Fun

Twice the Fun (part 3)
by Bevie James

Sonsi Inamore Sybarti Inamore


Feathered Guy Anthropist

Sonsi was irritated, but concerned. The man seemed entirely immune to Sybari’s attentions, and that just wasn’t right.

“Can we help you?” she demanded, offering no pretense of manners.

“In a way,” said the man.

“What way? And what is your name?”

“You may call me Wilburt, if you like.”

“Wilbur?” exclaimed Sybarti. “What the hell kind of name is that?”

The man gave Sybarti a non-plussed gaze. “It is a German name, meaning ‘trustworthy’. It is derived from ‘Gilbert’. No doubt shortened to ‘Gil’, then ‘Will’, then ‘Wilburt’.”

Sonsi crossed her arms. “Thank you for the grammar lesson.”

“Indeed. I can expand the lesson if you like.”

“No thanks. So, Wilburt, are you ready to tell us what this is about?”

“Actually, my name is not Wilburt. My real identification is more of a nuisance.”

“And just what is your real identification?”

The man reached into his bag. Sonsi readied herself. Sybarti stepped away, connecting with her in preparation for the hypnotic spell. However, the man produced no weapon. Instead, he handed Sonsi an identification card. She took it hesitantly, reading it before handing it to Sybarti.

“Feathered Guy Anthropist?” she asked.


Sybarti offered the card back. “If I were you, I’d kill my parents.”

“You may keep the card if you wish.”

“Why would we wish that?” asked Sybarti.

“In case you should wish to contact me in the future.”

“You say that like you expect we will,” said Sonsi.

“The possibility exists.”

“How do we contact you?” asked Sybarti. “All this card indicates is your name.”

“The contact information is in the name. Unless you have other questions, I believe I can let you continue on your way.”

“Let us continue?” said Sonsi. “You say that like the decision is entirely yours.”

“Perhaps not entirely,” said Wilburt. “However, it is unlikely you would leave until I had concluded my business.”

“Which is?” Sonsi asked.

“Actually, my business is concluded. Thank you, for your pleasant cooperation. I trust our next encounter will be equally gratifying.”

Sybarti laughed. “That’s it? You just wanted to give us your card so we can get in touch with you later? Look, Willy. I’ll play now, if that is what you wish. Later, I may not be so generous.”

“Your generosity is noted for future reference. Good evening. And thank you again for making my task so easy.”

The man ran down the road. He opened his wings, lifted into the air, and disappeared into the night.

Sonsi and Sybarti stared. Then Sybarti made to toss his card away.

“Don’t!” said Sonsi.

“Why? You don’t want to contact him, do you?”

“No. Not now. But something tells me we’re going to want to later. Let’s get to the cabin.”

They got back into the car and sped away. Sybarti took the bag from the glove box and opened it.


Sonsi looked sidelong at her sister. “What is it?”

“Stop the car!”

Once again the sound of screeching tires echoed into the night. Sonsi turned full in her seat. Sybarti was shaking with rage.

“What is it?” Sonsi asked. Sybarti opened the bag and turned it so Sonsi could see inside. It was empty. The diamond necklace was gone. Sonsi’s eyes went wide. “How did he do it? He never left our sight.”


fairyhedgehog said...

He's a real mysterious stranger.

Bevie said...

That he is. And he's the hero!