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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beacon Girl Completes Her First Assignment

Hello. Beacon Girl here.

So, it's been a week since my debut post in which I asked for name, power, hero/villain suggestions for a new image. (see link) And in that week I have received the following suggestions:

Name Suggestions: none.

Power Suggestions: none.

Hero/Villain Suggestions: none.

Hmm. Not exactly an inspiring force, am I? According to the stat counter, this blog got 162 visits and I got zero comments.

I asked Primitive Brute if everyone in Legion Headquarters was laughing at me and she said they weren't. Nobody even knew I was there.

Met Sgt. Barvin and he confirmed whatPrimitive Brute said by challenging my right to even be in the headquarters.

My impact appears to be minimal. Maybe I should change my name? Oblivion Girl?

Wonder what my next assignment will be?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bazna: Encounter of Animals



The Encounter of Animals Part 1

by Wolverine

Bazna sat in his secret hideout in the Rocky Mountains, watching a security camera screen. A tiger, or what looked like a tiger, was crawling around in the entrance to Bazna’s hideout. If it went much further he would have to kill it.

He looked away to call for his dog, Ackla. When he looked back at the screen, the tiger was gone. He looked at a screen that showed farther down the tunnel, and there was a cheetah running through.

Bazna pushed a button on the chair he was sitting in. Laser canons and guns came out of the walls of the tunnel. The cheetah turned to a mouse and ran into a hole in the tunnel to dodge the laser blasts.

Bazna got up and went to get his sword and ninja staff.

The mouse came out of the hole, turned to a cheetah, and started running as soon as the blasts were done.

Bazna went to the door leading from the tunnel to his hideout. He stood in front of the door and went to open it when he heard a bear roar from behind it. He walked back and the bear smashed trough the door. Bazna had to duck to avoid the door hitting him.

The bear smashed through the opening of the door and walked slowly towards Bazna growling.

“Tigris,” said Bazna, “Back away.”

The bear lunged for Bazna, but he flew up to the second level.

Tigris’s original form is like a tiger, but she can turn into any animal she wants to.

Ackla finally came from Bazna’s call and barked at the bear. Ackla shot a sonic blast out of his mouth and the bear flew back. The bear roared as loud as it could and Ackla ran away whimpering.

Tigris turned to a hawk and flew up to Bazna. When the hawk got up, Bazna veered back and punched Tigris with his metal gauntlet. The bird fell down, but slowly flew up. Bazna jumped for it and drew his sword and plunged it into the side of a bear now.

Bazna gasped out of shock of seeing a bear this close. He took out his ninja staff, aimed it at the bear, and shot out a lightning bolt. The bear roared, but couldn’t fly.

Bazna flew back up. The bear turned to a crow to fly away, but smacked into the ground floor.

Bazna watched in horror as the bird turned to Tigris’s original form. When one of the animals Tigris turns into dies, she can never turn into that one again. The only way to kill her is to kill her original form, or all the animals she turns into.

More noise came from the tunnel. After a few seconds a horse, lion, hawk, and owl came threw the doorway. Tigris smiled a little. She looked up at Bazna and fell over.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Announcing Beacon Girl

Hello. My name is Beacon Girl, and I have been recruited into Legion Headquarters as a communications hero.

I search the universe of imagination with my electric magnifying glass, seeking out Heroes and Villains who have stories which need telling. When I find one, I present them here for the Readership to examine. Most often, all I am able to present is a picture. I do not even know their name.

If you, the Readership, would help me, I would be greatly pleased.

What I need is for you to offer suggestions on possible names and powers for the newly acquired Hero/Villain. And let me know if he/she is a Hero or a Villain. For those of you who are bold, and already know this person, you may write an episode and submit it to me at: legionblog@ymail.com. (This is for both Readers and Legion Authors.) Be sure to use Beacon Girl in the title, so it comes to me. Story submissions should be in the range of 500-words. If you are not currently a Legion Author, but would like to be, let me know that, too, and we will sign you up. If you are already a Legion Author and would like this hero added to your list of story sources, please indicate so in your email. Legion Authors should not post these stories directly to the blog as we would like to give everyone a chance to submit their thoughts and opinions.

As it happens, I already have found someone for you to consider. The character is female (or, she looks female). She has light blue skin and is dressed quite oddly. In her left hand is a musical horn. In her right is a scroll. She stands in a circle of strange symbols, and the background contains a lot of electricity. Beyond that, I don't know.

Comments regarding name, powers, and Hero/Villain status may be made to this post. Story submissions should be made to legionblog@ymail.com.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Author

I am happy to announce we have a new Author joining the Legion Blog. He is young (a teenager), and is early in his writing journey. His name is Wolverine, and he comes with an assortment of Heroes and Villains he has already created.

Apparently, he has only just begun blogging, as well, for there are no posts on his blog at this time.

He has also submitted his first story using his Hero, Bazna (pronounced Bahz-nah), and a Villain, Tigris (pronounced Tie-gris). It is scheduled for posting next Saturday, May 30th.

Please welcome Wolverine to our Legion.

Hidden Embers: Mist Over Monticello

Mist Over Monticello (part three)
by Bevie James

The sound of a vehicle slowing made them perk up. Then, a sack dropped from above onto the far embankment. Wafula jumped up and splashed heedlessly through the water. Mulogo floated, avoiding Wafula’s splashing. He reached the bag first.

“It’s here, Wafula!”

Wafula smiled. “Is it all there?”

Mulogo began pulling bundled wads of money. “Yes, I think so. He wrapped it in bundles of one hundreds. One thousand, two thousand, three …”

“Wait a minute!”

Mulogo paused in his counting. “What?” Wafula snatched the sack from Mulogo’s hand. “Hey! I was counting that.”

Ignoring the complaint, Wafula tore through the bundles, tossing them into the river after examination. Finally, he chucked the entire bag into the current. Mulogo looked on, horrified.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because it’s not real!” snarled Wafula.

Perplexed, Mulogo looked at the three bundles he still held in his hands. “Not real? But it’s here. I’m holding it. It’s real, Wafula.”

Wafula tore the remaining bundles from Mulogo and waved them in his face.

“Who’s picture is this on the bills?”

“How should I know? I’m not from this planet, much less the country or state.”

“States don’t have their own money, you idiot.”

“Well how should I know that?”

“Because you’re supposed to be brilliant.”

“I am brilliant. There is no picture on the bills. Just the number one hundred.”


“Exactly? Exactly what?”

“They’re supposed to have Benjamin Franklin’s picture. This is Monopoly money! We’ve been double-crossed.”

“Double-crossed? And he seemed such a nice man, too.”

Wafula began seething. His blue skin darkened with his anger. “Yes. And when I get my hands on that son-of-a-bitch he is going to regret it to his dying day.”

Mulogo’s expression turned sardonic. “Well, that won’t be long. I’m assuming you’re going to kill him, right?”

“Of course I’m going to kill him! How dare he do this to us?”

“Yeah, but how do you know he’s the one who threw this? Maybe someone else threw this bag and he’s still coming with the real money?”

Wafula’s hands went into the air, desperate to grab something to break. “What is with you anyway? Do you think people just drive around throwing bags of Monopoly money over bridges? Why would they do that?”

Mulogo shrugged. “How should I know? This is a strange planet, and you are strange people. You mess up the very air and water you need to survive. What’s the sense in that?”

“Come on! We’re heading back to the city. And when I get my hands on that guy, I’m going to pull him apart like a squishy banana.”

“Squishy bananas don’t pull apart, do they?”

“Shut up!”

At that moment, the oil stain on the underside of the bridge fell to the embankment. It coalesced into the form of a man in an ash grey suit. Wafula and Mulogo stopped midstream.

“What is this?” demanded Wafula.

“An arrest,” said the man.

“Oh, this should be interesting,” said Mulogo.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Open Question

What are your opinions regarding a monthly story exercise in which I (or anyone, actually) post an image of a new hero or villain for others to submit a story of?

Submissions would not only be open to regular Legion Authors, but to anyone who wishes to submit a story. There would be no requirement to continue the story-line, so these could be viewed as one-time submissions.

Entries would NOT be directly posted to the Legion Blog. Instead, they would be submitted to a new email address* I created until official posting, which would be during the first week of each new month.

Any thoughts or feelings on this?

Please let me know. This is still time to run a contest before the first week of June - assuming others like this idea.

email address*
The email address for making submissions is: legionblog@ymail.com.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Something New Has Arrived

Some recent comments got me to acting on an idea I have had almost since the beginning of this blog. Basically, the comments spoke of the confusion of trying to follow multiple story lines through a blog. I came up with a solution.

Announcing, the creation of -

Legion Headquarters.

This is a place where readers can follow their favorite Authors, Heroes, or Story Lines.

Jump to the link and click on your favorite Author link at the bottom. (Currently, there are six Author links because six Authors have submitted stories.)

The Author link will give a short biography for the Author, including any (known) awards and credits they may have.

At the bottom of the Author link page are links to the Heroes they have written about. Click on the one you wish to know more about.

The Hero link will provide information on the hero, such as first appearance, background information not included in any story, pictures, etc.

At the bottom of the Hero link are links to the stories this Author has written for this Hero. Included in this list is a link to the various Villains this Hero has faced via this Author.

Click on the Story link to get all episodes of a Hero's stories on a single page. Click on the Villains Faced link to get a list of Villains with biographical information.

We will still post stories on this blog, so those of you who have Follower links will know when new stories are available. But for those who are new readers, jumping to the Legion Headquarters link will make it easy for them to read previous episodes in the story.

I hope Authors and Readers alike will visit this site and render their feedback here, or by emailing me. Authors, please email me with additions/corrections/deletions of any information about you and/or your heroes.

Take a visit and let me know what you think.


EDIT NOTE: You can also click on the Sitemap under Navigation (upper left) and see everything at once.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So Who is She

Okay, so the Batman was easy to guess. Let's try one a little less well-known.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, there are a couple new Hero Generators on the sidebar.

This character is the female who has appeared in the most comics.

Character is based (in part) on Oliver Byrne.

First appeared in 1941, All Star Comics #8.

Character series known for bondage and submission, raising questions about the creator.

Similar to Batman, character was accused of lesbianism in the 1950s (by same man who accused Batman).

First played on television by Ellie Wood Walker

Committed murder in order to save Batman and Superman

Arsenal of gadgets include: invisible aircraft, bracelets, lasso of truth, tiara.

Yes, it is Wonder Woman.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unata Gatto Dea - Poko's Pet Human

Titan swatted his paw at Twinkle as Twinkle dove down for the third time nipping at Titan's nose. Titan roared, 'When I get a hold of you . . . “ he stopped, Unata Gatto Dea had arrived and she was snapping impatient looks between the two of them.

Twinkle fluttered around Unata, until a smile lit up her face and wings glowed a vibrant yellow. “Oh stop you,” Unata said as she reached to pet behind his ear.

Titan laid his big mane on his paws and let out a loud huff. Unata bent over and ruffled his big mane, and he nudged his head closer to her.

“I've received word that the cats on a place called Earth need us. Come, we'll step through the portal.”

Titan jumped to his feet and stood at attention on Unata's right, while Twinkle took his position on her left. She twirled her wand around three times, flicked her wrist up moving all of them from their lush green country side, and clear streams, to a dark alley way. Horns blared and beeped, some close enough to sound as if coming from within the buildings, others further away. They all sniffed at the air, as perfume, decaying vegetables, motor oil, and smoke mingled into one foul odor, however, that was not the scent that caught Unata's keen senses.

A man, in tattered clothing, sleeping in box just long enough for him and a tiny tabby that was curled up beside him. Two small hand size plastic bowls just on the outside of the box at their feet, one with water, the other dry kibbles. The man's eyes frantically darted between the three figures that had just appeared from nowhere. The tabby jumped to his feet, turned his body side ways, fluffed the hair on his back and his tail, and hissed staring at the figures. The man reached for the tabby whispering, “No, Poko, no, come here boy.” Poko continued a low quiet growl. “Poko,” the man pleaded, “what's got into.”

Unata looked at the site of the fluffed up tiny tabby standing between her and the thin man who was beseeching the cat to return. Poko inched nearer to Unata, just out of reach of the man. Twinkly fluttered to the ground and sat beside Unata, he folded in his wings, and began licking his right paw and rubbing it over his right ear. Titan rolled over onto his back, reaching his front paws out to the tabby.

Then just as quickly as Poko tried to appear large and threatening, he un-fluffed his fur and ran to Unata, who opened her arms as the Tabby jumped up into them. He rubbed his head frantically on both sides of her face, then pushed his forward against her chin, all the while meowing.

“Oh there there dear, of course I won't hurt your pet human. But who is this who has taken your home?” she asked.

Monday, May 11, 2009

So Who Is He

So I promised to have something for Monday. Good thing I didn't promise a story post, because I don't have one.

What I do have is a question: Which comic book hero has appeared in the most issues? I doubt the answer will surprise many.

The character is male.

Bill Finger co-created him.

First appeared May, 1939.

The hero is human.

In the 1950s, the hero was rumored to be homosexual, creating a real-life congressional hearing on comic books in general, from Fredric Wertham's book, "Seduction of the Innocent".

He had a live-action television show based on him.

Had many cartoons made.

Several movies.

Drives a really cool car.

Has NO superpowers.

Generally operates at night.

Inspires as much fear as the criminals he hunts.

Puts most of the criminals he catches in an asylum.

By now you must know who it is. But on the chance you don't I'll tell you.

It's Batman.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hidden Embers: Mist Over Monticello

Mist Over Monticello (part two)
by Bevie James

The voice echoed in the cool morning air like the remains of an unattended campfire. “Why did you have to pick such a filthy place to retrieve the money?”

“What do you care? You’re levitating,” replied a husky voice.

The aged and bald old man in red priest’s robes looked around. H
is long white beard danced across his chest.

“True, but levitating takes energy. What if I want to rest?”

The man in the lime green suit with purple trim pointed his staff down. “Sit in the water.”

“Don’t like water. Makes me sizzle. So why here?”



“Yes. Water is blue. Blue will camouflage me.”

“This water isn’t going to camouflage you, Wafula. It’s not blue. It’s brown. Look at it! It’s filthy from your vehicles.”

“What’s wrong with vehicles, Mulogo?”

“They’re filthy, smelly things. Your entire planet is polluted because of them.”

“They get us around.”

“All the same, this water isn’t going to camouflage you. You would have to be brown.”

Wafula shook his fist at Mulogo. Sweat sprayed like an early morning mist. Mulogo threw up a heat shield to evaporate the droplets, but instead of a heat shield several lasers shot out from his splayed fingertips cutting through the trees and dropping several branches to the ground at his feet.

“Damn! Get those two spells mixed up every time.” He looked at Wafula. “You were about to say something?”

“Yes! I was about to say I was brown – until you turned me blue with your confounded magic. I ought to crush you.”

He stepped toward Wafula but slipped on the hill. Mulogo used the opportunity to levitate higher, out of Wafula’s reach.

“Ah, but if you throttle me who is going to change you back?”

“Can you? You can’t even change anybody else blue!”

“Yes. But there’s a reason for that.”

“Yeah? What?”

“Well. I don’t know. Exactly. I believe it has something to do with this planet. Perhaps it’s all the pollution in the air. It makes it hard for me to keep my head clear. I’m used to cleaner air.”

Wafula grunted his disgust and moved to take a place under the bridge. He sat down, heedless of the water. Hesitantly, Mulogo floated to the arch.

“You okay now?” he asked. When Wafula did not answer Mulogo came closer. He looked up nervously. “You sure you want to sit here? Look at that oil stain. What if it drips on us? Maybe I should zap it away?”

Wafula’s staff came down hard on Mulogo’s arm. He cried out in pain.

“Leave it be!” said Wafula.

“But I can clean that up in a trice.”

“No, you can’t! You’ll mess it up and turn me orange, or give me pigs ears.”


“Leave it!”

They sat in angered silence. Then Wafula spoke.

“He should have been here by now. You did get the instructions right with him?

“Of course I did. He’ll be here. It should drop over the side any moment now.”

Friday, May 8, 2009

Story Schedule Announcement

The bad news is that we're down to a single scheduled story. The worse news that it's mine. [haha]

When we began this it never occurred to me how difficult it would be to keep pace. I mean, I understood about getting busy with other things and such. What I did not account for was the stress of "publishing" portions of a story before I had yet to resolve. The inability to go back and undo things which conflict with what I want to do going forward is a new experience. It's called being committed to a cause, I guess.

On top of that there are other blogs to keep up, visit, and comment on. Then there are stories which are not part of any blog which are crying for attention. And I have to eat and sleep. So keeping up with Panthera, Hidden Embers, and the others I have in my mind becomes hard.

For you who are reading only do not fear. We may find ourselves shifting to only publishing once or twice, but we will keep things going a bit longer, I think. I have a couple of other hero idea which can be used to fill in gaps between episodes. And none of the stories are truly concluded, so it is a safe bet the Authors have not abandoned their heroes. Life's other requirements just get in the way sometimes.

So keep coming back. I promise to have something for Monday, even if it isn't a new story post. At the least we will have Saturday posts, so do not fear. Our heroes are not going away any time soon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sorrow #3


Sorrow crouched at the edge of the withered trees and lit a tiny taper.

Shielding the flame from the chill air, she touched its spluttering tip to the hem of her pale frock.

‘My poor, brave Susan,’ she whispered, and watched the flames catch.

One by one, flickers of orange spread across the fabric, releasing the scent of flowers into the musty darkness.

Beautiful petals — lilies, roses and carnations — burst into bloom round her legs, rising in emergent flourishes till they nestled between her hair like posies.

Then, with pollen drifting from her body in an amber aura, she held out the candle and set foot into the gloom.

Each strike of her heel drew grass from the ashen soil; span moss whorls onto petrified bark. But with every step, all trace of life perished in her wake as quickly as it had blossomed.

All around lay tangles of briar and bracken, trailing branches and husks of oak sucked of life. Whichever way she turned, she knew the forest would lure her to its heart.

In her hand, the flame crackled. Beyond its meagre warmth there was nothing but blackness, yet she sensed the presence of dark souls all around her; heard them sniff at her perfume armour.

Finally she reached the clearing.

Snared by thorns stood a ring of squat stones. At its centre, a candle, almost extinguished.

She held out her flame and called into the shadows.

‘I hear you, Iunaal. Show yourself.’

After barely a breath, a wolf slank from between the trees, its spectral features gaunt from hunger’s scratch.

‘Again?’ it said, with a low growl.

‘Again,’ replied Sorrow sternly, watching as the pack loped into view.

Iunaal set a paw on the keystone and fixed her with a hollow stare. ‘Your courage is admirable. But what of your stamina?’

‘I will do what I must.’

The wolf’s eyes fell on her candle. ‘You will take another child?’

As Sorrow stood momentarily hesitant, a lone figure shambled from the pack, its face wracked with feverish want. 'She is weak. Why do we not slay her now?’

Iunaal studied Sorrow’s quiet defiance. ‘Patience. The time will come.’

The lone wolf shook its head and snarled. Driven by desperation, it bared its fangs and leapt for Sorrow’s throat.

From her shoulder, Sorrow tore a handful of lilies and cast them at the mad creature. As they whistled through the air, the petals ignited with a blinding white heat, striking the wolf to the ground in a cloud of hissing ash.

The pack edged back into the undergrowth with an angry whimper.

Seizing her moment, Sorrow stepped into the ring of stones and set the candle fast in a mound of spent wax.

‘With Susan’s life I banish thee. Bind thy master to his pit. Thou shalt not feast.’

The ground quaked, shaking petals from her body like autumn leaves, and with yowls raging wild into the night, she turned to face the trees, and fled.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fairy Hedgehog and Lizard Girl - Interlude


Fairy Hedgehog watched the river flow past a few yards beyond her table as she sat with her tea in one hand and a small pink supersuit in the other. She wasn't sure why Lizard Girl had answered her advertisement and agreed to meet her here. Surely the supersuit couldn't be that important?

She felt a movement of air at her back and the suit was snatched out of her hand. Lizard Girl slipped into the empty seat wearing a pink costume which was identical to the one she was now clutching. Fairy suppressed a frown. "Now look-" she said.

Lizard Girl's voice hissed out between sharp teeth. "No. You listen. You're fighting the wrong people."

"What are you on about? I'm working for good and-"

"That's what you think. It's not true. Those people I made the pictures of, they are bad people."

"I hardly think the sexual proclivities of the town counsellors-"

"It's not sex. It's bribes and drugs and murder."

A young man stopped and looked at them with interest.

"I never did like that book," Fairy said loudly and he looked away again. She dropped her voice to a whisper. "You can't go around saying things like that without proof."

"I can get proof but you must help. You must change sides. Come tonight to Councillor Redgrave's house. We will get the proof together."

Fairy took a sip of her tea. It was cold. "I'll come, but when we find out that you're wrong then you can give up all this painting on walls."

"Midnight then." Another whisk of air and Lizard Girl was gone. Fairy sighed. Young people always got things out of proportion. Tonight, Fairy would show her how wrong she was and then they could all go back to a quiet life without gratuitous graffiti.

A chair scraped just behind her. She turned to see who had been sitting so close to them unobserved but saw only the back of a figure disappearing around the corner.