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Saturday, May 16, 2009

So Who is She

Okay, so the Batman was easy to guess. Let's try one a little less well-known.

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This character is the female who has appeared in the most comics.

Character is based (in part) on Oliver Byrne.

First appeared in 1941, All Star Comics #8.

Character series known for bondage and submission, raising questions about the creator.

Similar to Batman, character was accused of lesbianism in the 1950s (by same man who accused Batman).

First played on television by Ellie Wood Walker

Committed murder in order to save Batman and Superman

Arsenal of gadgets include: invisible aircraft, bracelets, lasso of truth, tiara.

Yes, it is Wonder Woman.


Whirlochre said...

Hurrah! I got this one very early on.

Am I right in thinking DC ran a new Wonder Woman in the 70s? With a silvery costume? My friend had some of those — and a load of Kirby Mr Miracles. Kept us entertained...

Bevie said...

Sorry. Sent my reply by email for some silly reason.

Wonder Woman went through a lot of changes. When she began, she was very much a feminist, demonstrating that male characters did not hold a monopoly on strength, intelligence, etc.

After her creator died, and there was the big congressional hearing on comic books, her character was toned down to be "more feminine".

Eventually, she would lose all of her super powers and become little more than a stereotypical imaginary woman with fancy gadgets.

She would regain a lot of what had been taken from her shortly before the original character quit and handed the role over to another.

Her costumes have gone through as many changes as she has.

In my opinion, comics were ruined with political correctness.

Batman, the Dark Knight, was much better than Batman the do-gooder.

Wonder Woman was never one of my favorites, but by the time I came around her character had already been altered from what it had been.