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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unata Gatto Dea - Poko's Pet Human

Titan swatted his paw at Twinkle as Twinkle dove down for the third time nipping at Titan's nose. Titan roared, 'When I get a hold of you . . . “ he stopped, Unata Gatto Dea had arrived and she was snapping impatient looks between the two of them.

Twinkle fluttered around Unata, until a smile lit up her face and wings glowed a vibrant yellow. “Oh stop you,” Unata said as she reached to pet behind his ear.

Titan laid his big mane on his paws and let out a loud huff. Unata bent over and ruffled his big mane, and he nudged his head closer to her.

“I've received word that the cats on a place called Earth need us. Come, we'll step through the portal.”

Titan jumped to his feet and stood at attention on Unata's right, while Twinkle took his position on her left. She twirled her wand around three times, flicked her wrist up moving all of them from their lush green country side, and clear streams, to a dark alley way. Horns blared and beeped, some close enough to sound as if coming from within the buildings, others further away. They all sniffed at the air, as perfume, decaying vegetables, motor oil, and smoke mingled into one foul odor, however, that was not the scent that caught Unata's keen senses.

A man, in tattered clothing, sleeping in box just long enough for him and a tiny tabby that was curled up beside him. Two small hand size plastic bowls just on the outside of the box at their feet, one with water, the other dry kibbles. The man's eyes frantically darted between the three figures that had just appeared from nowhere. The tabby jumped to his feet, turned his body side ways, fluffed the hair on his back and his tail, and hissed staring at the figures. The man reached for the tabby whispering, “No, Poko, no, come here boy.” Poko continued a low quiet growl. “Poko,” the man pleaded, “what's got into.”

Unata looked at the site of the fluffed up tiny tabby standing between her and the thin man who was beseeching the cat to return. Poko inched nearer to Unata, just out of reach of the man. Twinkly fluttered to the ground and sat beside Unata, he folded in his wings, and began licking his right paw and rubbing it over his right ear. Titan rolled over onto his back, reaching his front paws out to the tabby.

Then just as quickly as Poko tried to appear large and threatening, he un-fluffed his fur and ran to Unata, who opened her arms as the Tabby jumped up into them. He rubbed his head frantically on both sides of her face, then pushed his forward against her chin, all the while meowing.

“Oh there there dear, of course I won't hurt your pet human. But who is this who has taken your home?” she asked.


Bevie said...

I like the setup. Twinkle bored and annoying Titan, who I'm guessing just wants to nap.

The idea that man is sleeping is a box but still takes time to see his cat is fed speaks volumes.

Lisa said...

I wanted to demonstrate in "saving Matilda" what Unata is capable of when felines aren't treated well especially since she looks so sweet. Now we'll see how she help Poko's pet human.
I didn't want her off saving neglected kitties everyone since the thought of hungry kitties upsets me ! I've been reading some of the Warrior series by Erin Hunter and my husband is amused at how u carry on about the hungry Riverclan (I hope they are fed by the end if the story).

Bevie said...

I know the answer, but it's best for you to read it yourself.

I've read the first twelve books in the series, plus an extra bonus book.

fairyhedgehog said...

I like that the cats seem to want to be helping a human now. I enjoyed this.

I like the picture too.

Whirlochre said...

Pet humans? I know the feeling.

Looking forward to more from these pusscat do-gooders.

Lisa said...

My sister Diann Izzie designed the landscape picture. (this is purely digital) I wanted her to paint it for our sunroom but husband didn't approve it. We ended up with an orchid one that I think is on her site.
Many of the cats here will have some complaints about their some what slow pet humans!