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Friday, May 8, 2009

Story Schedule Announcement

The bad news is that we're down to a single scheduled story. The worse news that it's mine. [haha]

When we began this it never occurred to me how difficult it would be to keep pace. I mean, I understood about getting busy with other things and such. What I did not account for was the stress of "publishing" portions of a story before I had yet to resolve. The inability to go back and undo things which conflict with what I want to do going forward is a new experience. It's called being committed to a cause, I guess.

On top of that there are other blogs to keep up, visit, and comment on. Then there are stories which are not part of any blog which are crying for attention. And I have to eat and sleep. So keeping up with Panthera, Hidden Embers, and the others I have in my mind becomes hard.

For you who are reading only do not fear. We may find ourselves shifting to only publishing once or twice, but we will keep things going a bit longer, I think. I have a couple of other hero idea which can be used to fill in gaps between episodes. And none of the stories are truly concluded, so it is a safe bet the Authors have not abandoned their heroes. Life's other requirements just get in the way sometimes.

So keep coming back. I promise to have something for Monday, even if it isn't a new story post. At the least we will have Saturday posts, so do not fear. Our heroes are not going away any time soon.


blogless troll said...

I'm hoping to get the next one done this weekend.

fairyhedgehog said...

I reckon I might manage one a fortnight but not more.

Bevie said...

One a fortnight seems like a pretty good pace to me. That's about what I'm running now.

fairyhedgehog said...

Maybe I'm being too ambitious then. I know I can't write very often.

Bevie said...

Not sure how to take that. Assuming it's a compliment? [smiles]

Write when you can. That's the best any of us can do.

Whirlochre said...

I have only a draft of Sorrow 4 in the pan and I know I'll slow down once I get back started on my WIP.

But I'm still in. This is a fun thing.

I suspect the best solution to the posting problem lies in recruiting a few more hero buffs.

Bevie said...

We have a couple who are finishing up with busy schedules. I think they'll post in June.

Several others have expressed an interest, but I think they're worried about it becoming a commitment when they're already busy.

And I think some are, frankly, intimidated by the excellent writing surrounding Sorrow, Boetha, Fairy Hedgehog, and Mad Smart Pirate. Fortunately, my stuff is in there to show the stories don't all have to be great.

But I think you (Whirlochre) and fairyhedgehog have both touched on something important. With busy schedules and creative dry spells we can do with several more Authors submitting stories.

If we could build our Author group to more than twenty, each author would only need be concerned with submitting every other month.

writtenwyrdd said...

I will have to get off the stick tomorrow and write something new. This is supposed to be fun not major commitment, so the more writers the merrier to my way of thinking.

Bevie said...

Maybe I should add an INVITE commercial to the blog?

McKoala said...

Thirty stories a month would be hard to follow! Mind you, I haven't looked in for a while, so it may just be me...

Bevie said...

But with enough Authors we could theoretically get far enough ahead that we could schedule on Author over an entire week.

Right now we can't do that because of the delay factor between episodes.

Leigh Russell said...

Coming to all this as a reader who isn't even a hero, let alone a superhero, I'm not surprised it takes superheroes to achieve all that you're managing here. Committing yourself to publishing part of a storyline before you've finished plotting it sounds valiant indeed, o might superheroes. As for following 30 plots... I struggle with one!

Thank you very very much for inviting me to join you. I'll need to gird up my loins before I contemplate taking this giant leap into superheroism. Right now I'm fully occupied with battles of my own. I've just won a Great Victory - my book, Cut Short, is now on amazon.com from 1st August. You're welcome to visit my blog and join in my Virtual Book Launch, if you can spare the time, which sounds unlikely.

I'll certainly be back here. It's not every day a mere author like me encounters superheroes! (But can you please hurry up and save the world? I think we need you!)

Bevie said...

Hi Leigh. You wouldn't have to struggle with 30 plots. In fact, the entire blog wouldn't have that many. We only publish three times a week for a total of 12-episodes in a month.

Now that things have gone a bit more quiet I am thinking of changing the schedule to Saturday posts. (Have to check with the other Hero Authors first for approval.)

This is a "no - well, little - pressure to write" blog. Write what you can, when you can and will.

Our criteria is:

1. Only one story can be posted on any given day

2. Stories should be 500-words (or close to it)

3. Try to keep things PG-13 (appropriate for 13-year-olds to read)

After that it's pretty much what you want.