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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breaking Silence

August 8th. Two months without a post. And I'm not sure anyone has noticed.

I was going to have Beacon Girl post something, but it turns out Blogger has deactivated the account. Don't understand why. The only place Beacon Girl posts is here, and I don't see that anything she's written has violated any rules. But then Blogger is strange. Still, it's free, and that makes it difficult to complain too loudly.

As of right now there are NO stories in the queue. NOTHING is on the horizon. The entire Legion is silent. Of the nearly two dozen heroes and villains we've read about, all are quiet.

The Legion Blog had two months of high enthusiasm followed by two months of struggling followed by two months of silence. I would like to say that is going to change in the near future, but I do not know that it will.

I cannot speak for the other seven contributors, but only for myself. There are Hero Stories I want to write. I want to keep Hidden Embers, Panthera and Feathered Guy Anthropist around. I'm just in another frame of mind right now and not writing hero stuff. When I went off-line two months ago I wasn't sure I would ever return. I have, but only sporadically. But I've thought about the Legion. A lot.

One thing I know is that I intend to publish differently - once I begin to publish again. For instance: I do not intend to publish unfinished stories. I will write the entire story. Once that is done I will find the best cliff-hanging breaks I can at around 500-words. Then I will post the story in parts, one part each day until the entire story has been presented. Then the blog may go silent until I have another story.

I have also considered deleting the blog.

Nothing has been decided. Right now I'm confused about Beacon Girl. I don't understand why her account has been disabled.


fairyhedgehog said...

My heroism is all gone at the moment. I can't see me writing before January!

I like the idea of writing the whole story and then inserting breaks. I enjoyed reading other people's stories.

Lisa said...

Since I've been unemployed I more time focused on finding a job and learning new skills which has cut into blogging quite a lot! Also, I'd say that facebook takes more of my online time.

stacy said...

Yeah, school keeps me hopping. But I'm still interested in doing this. I have a six week break from mid-December through January. I can definitely contribute more then.