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Saturday, October 24, 2009



Heroines of the Night

Tripping the Light Fantastic

by Bevie James

Episode Two - Taking on a Case

Verena followed the tunnel, which went steadily downward. Finally, the tunnel opened into a large cavern. It was clearly not a natural occurrence, lacking the customary stalactites and stalagmites. The ground was level and paved with stones. And two vehicles sat paired to the left. One was a green sedan. Sensible looking and nondescript. The other was a magenta sports car. Hardly something to use while trying to be incognito. Of course, Verena’s yellow BMW wasn’t exactly invisible.

She parked beside the green car, close to the elevator door. She got out and told the car to lock. Then she went to the elevator and pushed the button. The door opened almost immediately. Entering, she waited for the door to close. Then she announced herself.

“Caped Blade arriving.”

The elevator dropped. Verena’s stomach caught up with her in time to exit the elevator when it stopped.

She stepped out of the elevator and into a long and wide hall. Echo’s of being announced still bounced amongst the walls. Verena rushed down the hall.

A tall, thin, yellow-haired woman came around the far left corner. She was dressed in a tight, green outfit with orange-yellow accents, including her mask. Verena rushed past her into the corner office to the right. The woman followed.

“I’ve been monitoring police frequencies. Right now they don’t know what happened. Some are thinking terrorism, but they’re in the minority. The missing jewels are enough to convince them this is a simple jewel heist.”

“Hardly simple, Alanna,” said Verena, opening a wardrobe and removing an outfit of the same style as Alanna’s. The only real difference was color. Verena’s outfit was mostly yellow-orange with blue accents. And there was no mask. She rushed behind a changing screen. “So they have no idea what they’re up against?”

“Not yet. Will you be going after him alone? Or should I call in Dee?”

“Definitely call in Dee,” said Verona, taking off her top and tossing it to the side. “Her particular talent might prove useful. However,” she kicked off her shoes and dropped her pants, “I will not be going on this case.”


“No. Unfortunately, I was the first thing he saw when he came out. In fact,” Verena reached down and took the small box from her pants. She opened it and found herself looking at an expensive pair of diamond earrings. “Damn!” she hissed.

“You’re not thinking of sending Dee by herself, are you? Talent or no, you know how she is? She needs looking after.”

Verena stepped out from her changing area. She tossed the earring box to Alanna.

“That’s why you’re going with her.”

Alanna opened the box.

“Nice. What? Me? With Dee? Are you sure?”

Verena led the way across the hall to the opposite room in the corner. The room was fringed with work areas, computers, and communications equipment.

“It has to be you. He’s seen me, so my image is imprinted in his mind. Kelly isn’t here. Where is she, anyway?”

“Training exercise with Safe Whiffle down by the railroad yard.”

“Then it has to be you. Besides, all that ice and snow you produce might be just the thing to put Mr. Manners away.”


Verena turned to look at her comrade. “But what?”

Alanna fidgeted nervously. “Well, he’s a – a man.”

Verena smiled. “You’re not going out to ask him on a date, Alanna. Your job is to put him back into prison. And don’t worry. If he gets fresh you can sick Dee on him.”

“You’re not encouraging me.”

Verena patted Alanna’s arm. “Pity. You could use some encouragement. Now call Dee. We have to figure out where Mr. Manners is hiding this time.”


fairyhedgehog said...

This is coming along nicely. I liked You’re not going out to ask him on a date

Bevie said...


Poor Alanna.