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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Heroines of the Night
Tripping the Light Fantastic

by Bevie James

Episode Five - Batted Down

The Tesla Roadster turned off the main road and down toward the warehouse district. The engine purred like a contented kitten when Dee down-shifted to second.

“Stealth mode,” said Alanna.

Immediately the car went silent. There was a feeling of lift as the propulsion shifted from combustion engine to magnetic air, leaving a slight gap between the tires and the roadbed. Colors faded as the vehicle – and its occupants – went invisible.

Dee gasped.

“Never driven in stealth mode before?” asked Alanna.

“No,” said Dee. She looked to her right. “I can barely see you.”

“That’s because we’re invisible, too. At least to anyone outside the car. Inside the car we get faint images. It take a little to get used to. Keep your speed slow. The directional finder is difficult to read in stealth mode, and if we pick anything up it might take me a second or two to figure out where it’s coming from.”

It didn’t take long. After just a half dozen blocks the directional finder began flashing with a soft beep.

Alanna leaned forward to view the city map which was displayed over the flashing light. “He’s ahead and to the right.”

“You mean his car is.”

“If his car is there, I’m betting he is there. We’ll know for certain once we park this thing and get out.”

“I thought you had super hearing and stuff?”

“It doesn’t work so well under invisibility. Stop the car.” Alanna looked down the alley to the right and back to the display. “He’s in that building down closest to the river. Park over there. Keep it off the road. We don’t want some chance passerby to crash into it.”

Dee parked the car and the two women got out. Alanna stood and listened intently, focusing her concentration toward the warehouse in question. She was certain she could hear voices.

“He isn’t alone,” she said.

“Probably has a fence or two with him,” said Dee. “Knowing Mr. Manners they were already here waiting for him. What are they talking about?”

“I think they’re having a disagreement.”

“Haggling about price,” said Dee. “We need to get closer.”

“Okay. But we need to be careful.”

“You need to be careful. I just need to change shape.”

“Dee, no!”

But it was too late. Before Alanna’s eyes Dee shrank within her suit and emerged a tiny bat. She flew off, ignoring Alanna’s whispered cries to stop.

Alanna watched hopelessly as the bat flew toward the warehouse. The building was apparently abandoned, for many of its windows were broken. That was how Masked Wizard entered. She flew through an open window.

Alanna reached down to her utility belt and retrieved a communication badge.

“Lasered Lash to Command Post. Come in, Please.”

“This is Command Post,” came the buzzed reply. “Go ahead Lasered Lash.”

“We have found what we’re looking for. Masked Wizard has gone ahead alone.”

“I don’t mean to question you, Lasered Lash, but are you sure that was wise?”

“No. I’m certain it wasn’t, but I wasn’t given any say in it.”

At that moment Alanna’s sensitive eyes picked up a flash from inside the building. Her ears heard Masked Wizard’s cry of pain and the laughter and shouts of jubilation from the men around her.

“Oh, my God!”

“What is it, Lasered Lash? What is happening?”

“I think Mr. Manners just blasted Masked Wizard with his light.”

“Get her out of there!”

“I’ll do what I can. Lasered Lash out.”

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Heroines of the Night
Tripping the Light Fantastic

by Bevie James

Episode Four - Returning a Treasure

The radio blared into the tense silence. Alanna reacted with a start. What now? It was bad enough being cooped up in a car with Masked Wizard sulking without being micro managed over the mission’s every detail.

“Caped Blade to Lasered Lash.”

“Lasered Lash here. Go ahead, Commander.”

“Why is my panel showing you en route to Riverside?”

“All evidence suggests it’s the best place to find Mr. Manners, Commander.”

“And what about the trinket you’re supposed to be returning?”

Alanna leaned her head against the door window. Damn! She had let herself get so caught up with Masked Wizard she had completely forgotten about returning the earrings Caped Blade had accidentally taken from the crime scene.

“Sorry, Commander. We’re on our way,” said Alanna.

“You know it won’t be easy?”

“Yes, Commander. Lasered Lash out. “Dee, we have to get to MacRoodies Jewelry Store right away.”

“What for?” snapped Dee.

Alanna pulled the small earring box from her utility belt.

“To return these.”

“Oooh. Let me see.”

Not wanting to go through another round of sniping, Alanna complied. She held the box so Dee could easily see the jewelry and drive at the same time.

“Wow! Where’d those come from”

“Mr. Manners gave them to Caped Blade.”

“Wish someone would give me a pair like that.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be getting these.”

Dee’s eyes went wide. “Really?”

“But not to keep. You’re the only one who can get them back to the store without problems with the police.”

When they neared the crime scene Alanna activated the car’s invisibility mode. They parked three blocks away in a little used alley and set standard security measures. Hopefully nobody would walk into it while they were away.

Alanna removed her whip from her belt. She pressed a button on the handle, releasing the lockout. Then she turned one of the rings which looped the handle. Immediately the whip portion went stiff, like a sword. Concentrating, Alanna held it over her head, pointing it at the clouds.

A cold wind began to blow, and with it came fog. Thick, dense fog. It fell heavily from the sky and wrapped itself around buildings, vehicles, and people. Alanna turned to Masked Wizard.

“Okay, Dee. You’ve got about ten minutes before this blows through. Get this back to the crime scene and leave it where the police can find it. They should accept that Mr. Manners dropped it during his getaway. And even if he learns of it, since it’s going to be found at the crime scene he should think the woman he gave it to just left it. No link back to us. Do you know what you’re going to do?”

Dee smiled mischievously. “Meow.” Then she took the earring case and put it in her mouth.

Alanna stood and watched as the 5’4”, black-haired, South African shrank within her suit until she couldn’t be seen. Her clothes lay on the sidewalk, moving about like something had crawled inside and was now trying to get out. Soon, a black furry head popped out. It was a cat, and it was carrying the earring case in its mouth.

Alanna picked up the now empty suit.

“I’ll monitor from above.”

She opened her wings and flapped into the fog. The heavier air gave her lift, and she was able to control the wind currents with her whip. Soon she was soaring about sixty feet above the ground. Drawing on her keen senses she was able to penetrate the fog with both sight and hearing. She followed Masked Wizard, now a shiny black cat, as she made her way to the crime scene. When they got close one of the officers saw the cat and called out to her comrades.

“Hey, look!”

“What is it?” they asked.

“It’s a cat. And I think it’s got some evidence in it’s mouth.”

“Get it, someone!”

Alanna shook her head as she watched Masked Wizard lead the officers on a merry chase. Why couldn’t she just drop the damned thing and be done with it? Finally, she seemed to weary of her game and let the officers have the ring case. Then she headed back to the car. Alanna flew ahead and was waiting.

She lay Masked Wizard’s costume on the sidewalk and the cat crawled inside. Steadily, the lump inside grew and became a humanoid person again. But she lay gasping for breath.

Alanna was prepared. She knew changing shape exhausted Masked Wizard, but the Staff of Renewal helped her recover her strength. Alanna handed her the staff and immediately saw strength return to her partner.

Dee looked up and smiled.

“That was fun.”

“You had to take your time, didn’t you?”

“Oh, don’t be so sour. They enjoyed it. Now we can go.”

“No, not really.”

“Why not?”

“Your suit is on backwards.”

Dee looked at herself. “Oh, damn! Not again.”

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Heroines of the Night

Tripping the Light Fantastic

by Bevie James

Episode Three - Un-Dynamic Duo

Alanna tried to avoid bickering with Dee as they walked across the parking lot to where their ‘special’ vehicles were kept. She kept reminding herself that Verena had assigned them the modified Tesla Roadster. It was a gorgeous thing, with all the features the best models had, plus a few added by Tomoyo’s Garage. Things such as an invisibility control, which wasn’t to be found on most models.

“Do you want me to drive?” Alanna asked, just to be polite. She regretted her manners immediately.

Dee snatched the keys from Alanna’s hand. “No. I want to drive.”

Alanna fought back the sigh which desperately wanted to escape. She should have just pulled rank and assumed the driver position. Now she would be regulated to monitoring dashboard controls instead of feeling the joy of driving this really hot car. Verena didn’t let this one out that often. And when she did, she usually drove.

Dee was already in the car and revving the engine by the time Alanna got in. She had to move Dee’s Staff of Renewal. That was a bother, but it was a necessary and useful tool. She also had to fidget until her wings were comfortable. Even modified fancy sports cars weren’t built to accommodate true fliers. Situated, she reported to Verena, who would keep a vigil in Communications until Mr. Manners had been captured.

“Lasered Lash reporting to Caped Blade.”

The reply came through the car’s surround sound speakers. “Caped Blade here. Go ahead Lasered Lash.”

“We are buckled in and ready to go. Activating area scan now.” Alanna waited a few seconds for the dashboard monitor to being displaying possible security concerns around the abandoned parking lot above. “Ground area is secure. Air space is clear.”

“Confirmed,” came the reply.

“We are ready to launch,” said Dee, releasing the clutch and slamming the accelerator to the floor.

The sound and smell of squealing tires filled the parking area. Alanna was thrown back into her seat. She felt like she had just been launched. This car had plenty of get up and go.

“Dee, you might want to slow down”, said Alanna. “I’m not sure the tunnel monitors can keep up with us. We might find ourselves driving into a wall.”

Dee’s eyes brightened behind her magenta mask. Her mouth was open in a perpetual laugh.

“Nah! We’ll be all right.”

Alanna tried to keep her nerves under control as the opening cleared just seconds before the Tesla arrived.

With a cry of exultation Dee drove the car around the non-secured parking area, spinning cookies and shouting for glee.

“This is great!” she cried.

“Yes, it is. But that’s not why we’re here, is it?” said Alanna. “Let’s get going.”

Dee’s smile faded. “You are a stick in the mud. Oh, very well. Pilot to navigator. Where do we go?”

Alanna bit her tongue and forced herself to ignore Dee’s irreverence. She punch in codes to the dashboard computer and scanned the city graphic which displayed.

“Benig Caron. Alias, Mr. Manners.”

“I know who he is, Alanna,” moaned Dee. “Just tell me where we’re going.”

Alanna took another breath, but this time it didn’t do any good.

“If you’re so smart then why don’t you know where we’re going?” she asked.

“Because you’re the navigator!”

“I’m also in charge of this mission.”

“Oh, ho, ho. So you’re going to pull rank on me?”

“If I have to.”

Dee paused. Apparently she had more to say, but was thinking better of it.

Alanna smiled. Difficult as she was, ultimately Dee accepted the chain of command.

“So where are we going?” Dee asked.

“Verena managed to attach a short range homing signal to his car. If we can get within a mile or two we should pick it up.”

Dee shook her head. “That’s just great. The city’s at least forty miles across in every direction.”

Alanna set her teeth against Dee’s negative attitude. “Historically, Mr. Manners likes to hide out near the river. It gives him an extra avenue of escape which leaves no trail. We’ll start there.”

“Wonderful,” said Dee, recapturing some of her enthusiasm. “Maybe we can test out the submarine feature this thing’s got.”

“This isn’t a game, Masked Wizard.”

“I know, Lasered Lash.”

They rode in silence for a few seconds. Alanna was content to let Dee have the final word if it meant they could ride together in peace. Only the Masked Wizard wasn’t finished.

“I’m surprised you let me drive at all,” she mumbled.

No last word this time, Dee.

“So am I. But don’t worry. I won’t make this mistake again.”

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Heroines of the Night

Tripping the Light Fantastic

by Bevie James

Episode Two - Taking on a Case

Verena followed the tunnel, which went steadily downward. Finally, the tunnel opened into a large cavern. It was clearly not a natural occurrence, lacking the customary stalactites and stalagmites. The ground was level and paved with stones. And two vehicles sat paired to the left. One was a green sedan. Sensible looking and nondescript. The other was a magenta sports car. Hardly something to use while trying to be incognito. Of course, Verena’s yellow BMW wasn’t exactly invisible.

She parked beside the green car, close to the elevator door. She got out and told the car to lock. Then she went to the elevator and pushed the button. The door opened almost immediately. Entering, she waited for the door to close. Then she announced herself.

“Caped Blade arriving.”

The elevator dropped. Verena’s stomach caught up with her in time to exit the elevator when it stopped.

She stepped out of the elevator and into a long and wide hall. Echo’s of being announced still bounced amongst the walls. Verena rushed down the hall.

A tall, thin, yellow-haired woman came around the far left corner. She was dressed in a tight, green outfit with orange-yellow accents, including her mask. Verena rushed past her into the corner office to the right. The woman followed.

“I’ve been monitoring police frequencies. Right now they don’t know what happened. Some are thinking terrorism, but they’re in the minority. The missing jewels are enough to convince them this is a simple jewel heist.”

“Hardly simple, Alanna,” said Verena, opening a wardrobe and removing an outfit of the same style as Alanna’s. The only real difference was color. Verena’s outfit was mostly yellow-orange with blue accents. And there was no mask. She rushed behind a changing screen. “So they have no idea what they’re up against?”

“Not yet. Will you be going after him alone? Or should I call in Dee?”

“Definitely call in Dee,” said Verona, taking off her top and tossing it to the side. “Her particular talent might prove useful. However,” she kicked off her shoes and dropped her pants, “I will not be going on this case.”


“No. Unfortunately, I was the first thing he saw when he came out. In fact,” Verena reached down and took the small box from her pants. She opened it and found herself looking at an expensive pair of diamond earrings. “Damn!” she hissed.

“You’re not thinking of sending Dee by herself, are you? Talent or no, you know how she is? She needs looking after.”

Verena stepped out from her changing area. She tossed the earring box to Alanna.

“That’s why you’re going with her.”

Alanna opened the box.

“Nice. What? Me? With Dee? Are you sure?”

Verena led the way across the hall to the opposite room in the corner. The room was fringed with work areas, computers, and communications equipment.

“It has to be you. He’s seen me, so my image is imprinted in his mind. Kelly isn’t here. Where is she, anyway?”

“Training exercise with Safe Whiffle down by the railroad yard.”

“Then it has to be you. Besides, all that ice and snow you produce might be just the thing to put Mr. Manners away.”


Verena turned to look at her comrade. “But what?”

Alanna fidgeted nervously. “Well, he’s a – a man.”

Verena smiled. “You’re not going out to ask him on a date, Alanna. Your job is to put him back into prison. And don’t worry. If he gets fresh you can sick Dee on him.”

“You’re not encouraging me.”

Verena patted Alanna’s arm. “Pity. You could use some encouragement. Now call Dee. We have to figure out where Mr. Manners is hiding this time.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Heroines of the Night
Tripping the Light Fantastic

by Bevie James

Episode One – Jewel Heist

The explosion of light was so intense it was like it had a physical presence. Verena Castle fell away from it, covering her eyes against the waves of intensity. There was the sound of laughter, and then the light was gone.

Regular evening seemed like deep darkness now, and it was difficult to make things out. But one thing was easy. Standing where the wall to the MacRoodies Jewelry Store had been was a man holding a large mallet in one hand, and a large cloth bag in the other.

He wasn’t a tall man, perhaps only an inch or two more than Verena herself. But he was well-built. His muscles flexed inside the yellow-orange clothes which were painted on his body. His eyes darted about from behind the black mask which covered the upper portion of his face. Although the police were surely on their way he did not appear to be overly concerned, stepping lightly over the rubble and to the sidewalk where Verena stood watching his every move.

The man saw her and tipped his fedora.

“Good evening, miss. Sorry if I startled you, but I needed to leave and this was the shortest way out.” He hung his mallet on his belt. Then he reached into his bag and took out a small jewelry box, which he presented to Verena. “Here. As a token of apology for any inconvenience I may have caused.” Then, after tipping his fedora again, he took a control device from his belt and pushed a few buttons.

The sound of a purring engine made Verena turn around. It was a shiny black Ferrari. The F430 Spider. No driver.

The man hopped into the car and drove away even as the sound of sirens filled the air. Before he did, though, Verena managed to take something from her purse and toss it at the vehicle. It bounced below the rear bumper and up where it apparently attached itself to something, for it did not come down.

Verena slipped away into the shadows before she could be seen. She didn’t have time to be questioned by the locals. She had to be some place. Fast.

She was able to make it to her car without having to resort to invisibility. That was good. Being invisible meant she wouldn’t be stopped, but it also slowed her down as most of her energy would be devoted to maintaining her cloak. She was still at least ten minutes away from her headquarters. Sometimes time just wasn’t friendly.

Along the back streets of the more decrepit part of town she pulled into what appeared to be an abandoned parking ramp. There were three levels above ground, and one below. Turning her radio dial to A.M., and then to the Religious Conservatives Broadcast Station she waited for the sensor display to appear on her dashboard. She smiled. It was the perfect way to hide the car’s ultimate controls. Only complete lunatics listened to RCB, so there was little danger of this ever being discovered.

The sensor display lit up and she checked for life forms. Nothing larger than a rat. She drove in and down to the lower level, shutting off her lights as she did. Driving up to a wall she then spoke aloud.

“Commander Castle wishes to enter.”

What appeared to be simply a dark shadow on the wall dissolved, and a tunnel opened up for her to enter. Driving slowly, she passed through. Her rear-view mirror showed the opening closing again. When it did, the tunnel lights came on, and now a voice spoke to her from the dashboard speakers.

“Welcome back, Commander. What’s up?”

“We have trouble, Alanna. Mr. Manners is out and about again. Gather the team.”

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Writing Contest

Writtenwyrdd, one of our Legion Authors, has an October contest in honor of Halloween. Write a horror story in 1,000-words or less. The details are here. And here is a picture of the grand prize.

Monday, October 19, 2009

When Should the Next Hero Story Post

Good afternoon, all. Beacon Girl again.

Bevie still hasn't posted the episodes, so I can't give details about when the first will show up. However, fairyhedgehog suggested we take a poll. We've never had an official poll before, so this will be our first. I've put a gadget in the upper right hand corner. You've got the rest of today and all day tomorrow to vote.

UPDATED BY BEVIE: I couldn't read the entire poll on the sidebar so I moved it to the top center.

MMM - October 19th 2009

Good morning, all. Beacon Girl again with the Monday Morning Messages.

I am pleased to announce we have a new Hero Story ready to post. It is from Bevie James and should show up later this week. My understanding is that it is a new hero (or two) and a new villain. It will be posted in seven parts over at least two weeks.

So, if you are not following, and do not have an RSS feed, then return every so often. Episode One should show up any day now.

ADDENDUM: Oh. And it isn't too late to submit an entry in Writtenwyrdd's Halloween Contest. See above.

Monday, October 12, 2009

MMM - October 12th 2009

Good morning, all. Beacon Girl again.

As the Legion Communication Hero one of my duties is to attend seminars, conferences and conventions. So, I thought I would provide a report of a recent convention I attended on Lagos 7. It was the Animal Traited Heroes Yearly Congress.

I had never been to ATHYC before, so it was a new experience. There were discussion groups, seminars and rah rah speeches galore. But I found the socializing at the Watering Trough Bar and Café to be the most interesting.

When I first went inside I felt unsure of myself. Everyone there was already paired up or in groups, and I didn’t wish to intrude. So I found myself taking a stool at the bar. The bartender was a nice young guy named Gilroy Serge. He seemed to know most everyone who came by, and they him. What most impressed me, though, was his knowledge of specialty drinks. He had no trouble when I asked for a Lemony Punch Citrus Ale Rum Drink. (I love those.)

I was just starting my drink when Sharkbait took the place beside me. Gilroy greeted him like a regular.

GS: Hello, Sharkbait. The usual?
SB: Yeah. You make the best Shark Bite cocktails in the universe.
[He noticed me.]

SB: Hello. You’re a little drink of water. You old enough to be in here?
I’m probably older than you.

SB: Sorry. Didn’t mean to be rude. My name is Sharkbait, but a lot of people just call me, Chum.
Beacon Girl.
SB: So, what’s your talent?
Excuse me?
SB: Your super power. Mine is strength. I can also swim real fast.
I don’t like to talk about it.
Hmm. I think I understand. Kind of like Possum.
ME: Possum?
SB: Over there, in the booth by himself. Possum’s just what I call him. His real name is Dead Meat.
He looks dead.
That’s because his power is the ability to assume a death appearance. He even rots. But it doesn’t matter because he has the power to regenerate. He usually get the real disgusting assignments.
I suppose.
Over there is Wise Owl. He’s really smart. And dull. He knows about a zillion different languages, and if you ever get him to talking he won’t shut up. But for all his intelligence he never seems to have anything interesting to say.
ME: Poor man.
SB: Yeah. Everyone calls him the Old Coot.
ME: Doesn’t anyone around here have a nice nickname?
SB: I don’t know. Probably not. What’s your’s?
ME: I don’t have one. I’m just Beacon Girl.
Well, you’ve got to have a nickname. Let me see. How’s about we call you, Lighthouse?
That’s a drink, isn’t it?
SB: It is. A flaming rum drink. What do you think?
ME: Not bad. I’ve been known to ‘flame’ on occasion.

And so I have a nickname. I am Lighthouse. Hot and flaming. I think I need to attend more conferences and conventions.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hooray For Beacon Girl

Good morning, all. Beacon Girl again. I'm back!

Thank you, Bevie, for contacting Google on my behalf. It was just a mistake. I don't advertise products and I'm not profane. I'm just the girl who reports on the doings of the Legion.

Speaking of which, there haven't been any doings to report. I confess that has made me lonely and feeling like I have no purpose in life. It may also have contributed to my account being disabled like it was.

What's sad is that we have so many unfinished stories hanging here.
  • Panthera has to save herself and Pelage from being labeled traitors
  • Feathered Guy Anthropist has thoroughly annoyed Sansi and Sybarti
  • Shaavoring is in a battle
  • Ana-Maiden Elf Warrior has a worthy opponent
  • Boetha: The Electric Zombie still has to deal with the Phantom Poet
  • Sorrow's story remains unfinished
  • Fairy Hedgehog and Lizard Girl appear to be teaming up against a corrupt government
  • Mad Smart Pirate still has to capture Experimental Inferno
No idea if any of these will be finished. Hope they will.

Meanwhile, I will try to post something at least weekly until the Legion Authors begin submitting episodes again. Maybe I'll even take the initiative and write another Little Darla. Who knows?

Take care everyone.

We currently have several active stories:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breaking Silence

August 8th. Two months without a post. And I'm not sure anyone has noticed.

I was going to have Beacon Girl post something, but it turns out Blogger has deactivated the account. Don't understand why. The only place Beacon Girl posts is here, and I don't see that anything she's written has violated any rules. But then Blogger is strange. Still, it's free, and that makes it difficult to complain too loudly.

As of right now there are NO stories in the queue. NOTHING is on the horizon. The entire Legion is silent. Of the nearly two dozen heroes and villains we've read about, all are quiet.

The Legion Blog had two months of high enthusiasm followed by two months of struggling followed by two months of silence. I would like to say that is going to change in the near future, but I do not know that it will.

I cannot speak for the other seven contributors, but only for myself. There are Hero Stories I want to write. I want to keep Hidden Embers, Panthera and Feathered Guy Anthropist around. I'm just in another frame of mind right now and not writing hero stuff. When I went off-line two months ago I wasn't sure I would ever return. I have, but only sporadically. But I've thought about the Legion. A lot.

One thing I know is that I intend to publish differently - once I begin to publish again. For instance: I do not intend to publish unfinished stories. I will write the entire story. Once that is done I will find the best cliff-hanging breaks I can at around 500-words. Then I will post the story in parts, one part each day until the entire story has been presented. Then the blog may go silent until I have another story.

I have also considered deleting the blog.

Nothing has been decided. Right now I'm confused about Beacon Girl. I don't understand why her account has been disabled.