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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bear and Man

Bear and Man (part 1)
by Wolverine

Shaavoring is a skraskle. A bear that walks on it’s hind legs. They have three long claws on their paws that are about as long as a human hand. Where our thumb would be. The skraskles have a fourth claw. They are all around eight feet tall, but Shaavoring was different. He was the biggest and strongest of all the skraskles. He was closer to ten feet tall.

Shaavoring was captain of a warship. They warship’s flag was a skraskles head that looked liked it moved. It wasn’t the wind, it was something else when you looked at it. They skraskles put a special substance on it that almost makes it alive.

Skraskles wealth comes from battles won and weapons gained. The one who had the best weapons would be the captain of a ship. Shaavoring had many weapons. All equally as beautiful as the next. He had though, a wonderful golden sword. The handle of the sword was a golden dragon with it’s mouth open. Along the hilt and up the sword was an assortment of gems, crystals, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and more. That sword would probably worth it least a few million dollars.

Shaavoring and the crew of the Zanestar sailed the Atlantic Ocean. They were going to attack their enemies along the east cost of the United States of America. The humans. Skraskles hated humans. All their wars were blamed on them.

The skraskles arrived at the undefended coast on time. They anchored their ship and leap off it. The coast of Florida was rarely defended at this time of night. The sea was treacherous there for the humans had caused whirlpools to pop up out of nowhere.

Shaavoring told his men to go around the right to lead off the guards while he went around the left to get into the capital city.

The guards saw the skraskles and all ran to fight them. Shaavoring ran to door and threw the two remaining guards toward the fight. He burst through the door just in time to get trampled by the cities army.

The first few just bounced of Shaavoring giving him enough time to head for cover behind an antique shield displayed on the wall.

After the army had all left Shaavoring ran to kill the governor of Florida. He found the governor’s bed room very easily, not running into many guards.

“Shaavoring,” said a voice behind him.

There was a lot of noise going on out side. So he thought he was just imagining the noise.

“Shaavoring!” it called again. This time more forceful.

Shaavoring flung around throwing one of the swords on his back toward the noise. Nothing. His sword struck the wall behind him with a load clang. He went to pick up his sword and someone dropped down from above.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twice the Fun

Twice the Fun (part 2)
by Bevie James

Sonsi Inamore Sybarti Inamore


Feathered Guy Anthropist

Both Sonsi and Sybarti sat and stared at the man standing in the road. He made no move to either get out of the way or to advance upon their vehicle. Finally, Sybarti snapped.

“Just who does he think he is, standing in the road like he owns it?”

Sonsi chuckled grimly. “Who do you think he is?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, look at him! I very much doubt he comes from anywhere around here.”

Sybarti gave the strange man another look. “Oh. I see what you mean. Think he’s a regulator agent or something?”

“Or something. Why don’t you put that little prize back into its sack and stuff it in the glove box.”


Sonsi waited until Sybarti had done as requested. “Okay. Let’s get out and see just what it is this guy wants.”

Sybarti smiled, slyly. “I know what he’s going to want.”

“Careful, Lover. We’re not sure what we’re up against yet.”

“We’re not up against it yet.”

“Dove and Condor?”

“Maybe. You want to play Dove?”

“I would. But you don’t make much of a Condor.”

“Tell me that later tonight.”

“Scamp. Let’s go.”

The two women got out and sauntered up to the man, who patiently stood his ground. He waited until they were only a few steps away before addressing them.

“Good evening, ladies.”

“Good evening,” said Sonsi. “Out for a walk in the moonlight?”

Sybarti sidled up to the man. “How romantic!”

The man gave Sybarti a glance, but he continued to address Sonsi. “Not really. I had reason to believe the two of you would be using this road, and I wished to talk with you.”

Sybarti let her hands wander over the man’s tunic, which was stretched tight across his chest. “Ooh! How interesting. Hoping maybe we would give you a ride?”

Sonsi continued to study the man. He was dark-skinned so it was hard to tell. Maybe he was blushing, but she didn’t think so. His half smile was one more of amusement than embarrassment, or excitement. More and more she was convinced they were dealing with a regulatory agent. Possibly hired by law enforcement from Sorc. He was too collected to just be anyone.

“You were looking especially for us then?” she asked.

“Oh, yes.”

Sonsi exchanged a quick look with Sybarti. As twin sisters they were often able to communicate silently. The looked was enough to let Sonsi know Sybarti was prepared to act. Sonsi maintained her poise.

“May I ask why?”

“I should have thought that was obvious,” said the man.

“So would I. Except you are entirely ignoring my sister’s attentions.”

“Oh, am I? So sorry. Very nice indeed. Thank you so much.”

Sybarti fell away as though slapped. “Nice! What do you mean, ‘nice’? You gay or something?”

The man smiled. It was the kind of smile which Sonsi hated, for it meant he felt in control. Males never felt in control around Sybarti.

“Or something,” he said.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

On Trial For Treason

On Trial For Treason (part 6)
by Bevie James

“The night was foggy,” said Panthera. “I had gone to the Port City, which is at the westernmost point of Gitchigoomie. Leo sensed Onca’s presence and led me to the hill overlooking the port. I went down to the water alone.”

“You left Leo on the hill?” asked Panteskus.


“Why would you do that? Would that not put you at risk with Pelage? She would have Onca, and you would be alone.”

“It’s hard to explain.”

“Try,” said Ursa Drake.

Panthera took a breath. “Well, while Pelage and I have often played huntress and prey, never has she used any advantage to hurt me.”

“So you were trusting on your knowledge of Pelage?” Panteskus prompted.


Ursa Drake made a notation on the tablet before her. “Please continue, Panthera.”

Panthera related her walk along the waterfront, and her confrontation with the four young men of Lower Earth. When she told of how she allowed Leo’s roar to escape her lungs, dispersing the young men into the shadows, Panteskus interrupted again.

“So you deliberately chose to deal with your assailants in a manner which would alert Pelage to your presence, as opposed to using more conventional means?”

“What was she supposed to do?” snapped Simthara. “There were four of them.”

Panteskus remained undaunted. “Four, yes. But did you not say they were young, Panthera? How young?”

Panthera shrugged. “It’s difficult to tell with Lower Earth beings. Not very, I’m sure.”

“Did you think they had reached the Age of Reason?”

Panthera chuckled and shook her head. “No. Not at all. They were very much controlled by their bodies.”

Panteskus looked to Simthara with triumph. “Do you honestly believe Panthera could not handle four young simpletons using conventional means, Simthara?”

Panthera made Simthara feel her stare. Against her will, Simthara returned the look. The two women held each other in a contest of will. Then Simthara shook her head.

“No. Panthera would be well able to take on four such from Lower Earth.”

Panthera couldn’t hide her smile, but she only let it show a moment. Panteskus was pursuing his line of questioning.

“So you knew you could deal with them without alerting Pelage? Yet you chose to reveal yourself to her anyway? Is that not so?”

“Yes. I guess it is.”

“What are you leading to, Panteskus?” asked Ursa Drake.

Panteskus raised his hand in a calming gesture. “Let Panthera continue.”

Panthera then related her walk down the pier to the lighthouse, and how Pelage had indeed trapped her with a wall of water – Panthera’s bane.

Simthara was angry. “All this proves is that Pelage is a traitor.”

“How?” asked Panteskus.

Simthara pointed at Panthera. “She captured Panthera! Why would she do that unless she were trying to avoid capture herself?”

“Why indeed?” asked Panteskus.

“We will let Panthera answer that,” said Ursa Drake.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ana - Legion of Online Superheroes Story

Before she could even get the sword out of its hilt, Sebastian attacked. Ana jumped back just in time to miss the tip of his sword slice through her tunic. She darted to the side as she blocked his sword on another attack, then managed to thrust her sword at him. There was no time to lament that he had already put her on the defense. She had to find a way to gain the upper hand.

But he was pushing her closer to the edge of the clearing, where the belua had appeared. She knew what waited for her in the darkness. The belua had made a truce with Sebastian’s people. They would not attack his people, and in return they could have anyone else they wanted. And what they wanted right now was Ana. She could hear the thing growling and grunting not far beyond the edge of the trees. Belua could talk, but Ana assumed this one would not bother with that. She found herself beginning to panic. Sometimes she felt as though her sword guided her, but it didn’t do so now. She was skilled, and she had fought Sebastian before, but she sensed that, up until now, he had merely been toying with her. He thrust his sword yet again, but now his technique was a bit wild, as if he was getting desperate to finisher off. She bent back, his sword just centimeters from her ear, and when she straightened herself, she struck in a figure 8 motion, her sword seeming now to move of its own accord. Soon it was a blur of itself, forcing Sebastian back further and further until he tripped clumsily over the circle of rocks where Ana had made her fire.

“You’re lucky I had already put that fire out, Sebastian,” Ana said.

“Luck had nothing to do with it,” Sebastian retorted.

To this Ana said nothing.

“Ah, you have your father’s penchant for silence,” Sebastian said. “Or is it that you often can’t think of a retort?”

He was goading her, she knew, but she forced down the wave of anger that rose in her chest. Better to channel it for future use.

“Are you going to kill me or aren’t you?” he said.

“Yes,” she said. But as she said it his eyes darted over her shoulder, and in that moment Ana knew the belua was behind her. She turned, her sword at the ready, only to find nothing. When she turned back to Sebastian, he was gone.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twice the Fun

Twice the Fun (part 1)
by Bevie James

Sonsi Inamore Sybarti Inamore

Feathered Guy Anthropist

The two women laughed as they got into the car. The engine revved and the car sped off, leaving the sound of squealing tires behind.

“That worked better than I expected,” said the passenger, opening the brown paper bag she held. She lifted out a heavy necklace, strung with diamonds.

“Right,” said the driver. “This place is great. There are gems all over, and the males seem easy enough to control.”

“Ha!” laughed the passenger. “Oh, Sansi, you’re a peach. That idiot is probably still waiting in bed for us to come in.”

Sansi expressed her satisfaction with a smile. “I expect he will deflate well enough when he realizes we already got what we came for.”

“He’s going to be mad.”

“He must be mad to believe either of us would climb into bed with him. But I think you were the one he was really hoping to get.”

“Me? Why so?”

“Don’t play coy, Sybarti. The guys all hit on you first. You know that.”

Sybarti cocked and eye at her sister. “Maybe that’s because they think I’m you. They can’t tell us apart.”

“Yes. Well, we’re not quite the same. I’m less inclined to take things further than we did tonight. You, I think, would have enjoyed it.”

Sybarti shrugged. “So I like the fringe benefits.” She leaned over and caressed her sister’s shoulder. “You would, too, if they were anything like me.”

Sansi pushed Sybarti’s hand away. “Not while I’m driving.”

“Saving it for later, huh? I’m cool with that. Just don’t make me wait too long. All that play-acting back there has got me warmed up. Kind of like this vehicle we’re in.”

“You’re always warmed up. But I’ll cool you down all right, once we get to the cabin.” She glanced at the necklace Sybarti was holding. “How much do you think that will fetch?”

Sybarti turned it in her fingers and held it up to the dash lights.

“These are good stones. Better than any we got on Sorc. And there’s a lot of them. This would be a career for most brigands.”

“Yeah, well we’re hardly in that crowd. How long can we go off it?”

“A while. But we’ll probably need to make another haul before we bail off this planet. It’s a pity we have to sell it. It’s such a pretty thing.”

Sansi watched her sister admire the necklace.

“Put it on. I’d love to see you in it.”

“I bet you would. When we get to the cabin. You can put it on me, and then I’ll let you take it off again.”

“You’re a scamp. Ho! What’s this now?”

Sansi braked and the car came to a quiet stop. There, standing in the road before them, was a tall man in a tight green and blue suit. He had blue hair and great white wings. He carried what looked to be a grocery bag.

“Why do I sense trouble?” asked Sybarti.

Monday, July 20, 2009

MMM - July 20th 2009

Good morning, all. Beacon Girl again with the Monday Morning Messages.

It looks like we'll be getting a full week. Already we have episodes scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday, and I'm counting on another Panthera episode for Saturday.

Tuesday we will be introduced to a new Hero: Feathered Guy Anthropist (FGA). He was listed in the Legion Headquarters as an "available hero". Guess I'll have to take him out of there now. FGA has chosen to tangle with the Inamore twins. He should enjoy that. Which reminds me: Bevie seems to be flirting with the boundaries of PG-13. There have been no complaints so I'm inclined to leave it be.

Thursday we get treated to another Ana: Maiden Elf Warrior episode from Stacy/freddie. Oh, and I've finally updated the link to Stacy's new blog. Sorry about the delay, Stacy. I've given both stories a quick perusal and they both seem very good.

Again, if you would like to try your hand at Hero stories the process is simple. At the top of the right sidebar are links to hero generators. There is also a link to the Legion Blog's "Available Heroes" if you would like to take on one already created. Write your story in 500-word or less episodes. Your first story will need to be emailed to me, Beacon Girl, at
girlbeacon@gmail.com. Be sure to include your blog address (or equivient) so readers can link back to you. We try to keep stories PG-13 (or milder). Read some of our history to see the varied styles. Our Authors range in age from about 13 to 53, and styles from futuristic science fiction to modern day Minnesota. Whatever works for you.

Meanwhile, I hope you return Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to read new episodes. You can use Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday to read our history.

Have a good week.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

On Trial For Treason

On Trial For Treason (part 5)
by Bevie James

Panthera was uncomfortable. The focus was on her, but she wasn’t sure just what it was Panteskus was expecting of her. Deception was not one of Panthera’s strengths. Not this kind anyway. It was one thing to fool an enemy, but Ursa Drake was hardly that. Besides, the People of the Dragons were not easy to lie to. Dragons had a sense about things like that, and with Tarter perched on Ursa’s shoulder it was reasonable to assume they were in mind contact. Also, the look on Ursa Drake’s face showed Panthera the adjudicator already suspected Panthera was clueless to Panteskus’ plan. Panthera decided to bide for time and give her mind a chance to work.

“What do you wish to know, Adjudicator?” she asked.

Ursa Drake smiled. She wasn’t fooled by the tactic, but neither was she calling Panthera on it.

“What have we been discussing? Pelage, of course. Panteskus tells us you have new evidence which shows Pelage has not committed a crime. Do you? Or has Panteskus – made a mistake?”

So. Here it was, thought Panthera. Ursa Drake was giving her a chance to take the pressure off Panteskus – or join him in his plot. It was a dangerous moment, for if Panthera decided to go along with Panteskus, and the plan failed, not only would Panthera be tried for treason, but so would Panteskus. But Ursa Drake was giving Panthera the opportunity to release Panteskus from the plot by declaring he had simply misunderstood. There was no crime in that.

Panthera gave Panteskus a look. Since neither was in contact with their cat there could be no true communication. It would all have to be done with intuition. Panteskus’ eyes were focused hard on Panthera. She almost felt she could hear his thoughts. But they were written on his face. Keep it going. She had to trust him. She had to trust in the power of the Cat People to execute a plan successfully. Still, she would keep the door of Panteskus’ escape open.

“I am not clear on what Panteskus believes I know,” she said. “Therefore I cannot say whether or no he has made an error.”

But Ursa Drake was not going to let her go with that.

“Panteskus believes you have evidence with proves Pelage innocent. Do you?”

At this point Panteskus intervened again.

“Perhaps, rather than simply saying ‘yes’, you should relate the facts of your investigation and subsequent meeting with Pelage.”

The slight smile on Panteskus’ face told Panthera this was what he needed: the facts regarding what took place in Lower Earth. A good cat should be able to use any facts to her (his) advantage. She had but to speak slowly, omitting no detail, so that the cat portion of Panteskus could utilize the facts to their advantage. Were he allowed to communicate with Torgid, his lion, this could be done faster.

Ursa Drake gave Panteskus a knowing look before addressing Panthera.

“Very well. Panthera, will you please relate the events of Lower Earth as they happened to you.”

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Ultimate Villain

Lady Edna
The Ultimate Villain (part 4)
By Wolverine

“Ah!” Lady Edna screamed as Tar fired his guns and hit her in the back in a non lethal place.

She fell down and tried to get up but couldn’t. Zaritar walked over to her and laughed. Tar came up beside him.

“Is she dead?” asked Tar.

“Hopefully. This one has caused a lot of trouble,” said Zaritar.

“Hay look,” said Tar pointing at all the police men running out the door.

“Well I’m glad that’s over,” said one of the thugs.

“Now we’re free to rob and destroy this place,” said another.

Lady Edna opened her eyes from her position on the floor and Zaritar and Tar were walking away. She still had her gun and her staff was not far away. In fact it was in reach. She grabbed her gun from the floor next to her and reached for the staff with her right hand. She got it and got up on her knees.

“Lets get all the jewels and get out of here,” said Zaritar.

“Not if I can help it,” said Lady Edna pointing her staff at Zaritar.

She fired a blast of light at him. He flew back and slammed into the wall. He got up and called for his crocodile. Lady Edna started firing at all the thugs killing most of them with her 45 caliber pistol. She tried to get to her knees but fell dodging a blast of energy from Zaritar’s finger.

Zaritar pointed his fist at Lady Edna and shot a huge blast of energy hitting her full in the chest. She fell back dropping her gun.

All the members of the gang left except Tar and Zaritar. They walked up to Lady Edna.

“Check her,” said Zaritar.

Tar got down on his knees and felt her neck to see if she was alive. As soon as he put his hand her throat she grabbed his hand. He started wrapping his tar form around her hand . That’s what she was hoping for.

She used all the energy she had left to send light throughout the entire building. The cops outside turned around and saw a huge blast of light and then silence. Then a glow of fire getting bigger and bigger. They turned and ran but the force of the explosion sent them flying in the air. They landed physically unhurt.

Black was all of a sudden flying everywhere. It moved together and Tar came out of the puddle of tar. He stumbled toward them and fell over. They picked him up and brought him to the top security prison. They would seal up all the cracks and weld the door to the walls of the prison when they got him there.

Zaritar got up from the ashes and slowly walked over to Lady Edna.

“I guess this is the end of our exciting adventure,” Zaritar said to Lady Edna’s motionless body on the floor.

He took his machine gun an pointed it at her. He motion to his crocodile and it went toward her to feast. Lady Edna with struggle opened her eyes and saw the crocodile coming toward her.

Zaritar could sense fear and he knew she was alive. He put the machine gun up to his eye to get aim at her heart. He heard a hissing noise and so did the crocodile who stopped.

He ignored it and aimed at Lady Edna. A hissing spitting creature flew out of nowhere and landed on Zaritar’s face. It clawed and scratched doing almost nothing on his mask, but it distracted him and his croc.

Lady Edna used all her strength to get up and grab her staff.

“Ran! Jump Down!” she yelled to her raccoon.

When Ran came off of Zaritar’s face Lady Edna hit him with the end of her staff with all her strength and he fell over knocked out. About thirty police men came and took the crocodile and Zaritar away.

“You O.K,” asked one of the cops.

“What does it look like,” said Lady Edna slowly falling down on the ground.

“We better get you to a hospital, “ the cop said.

Lady Edna got word she would fine in about three months and would be able to get back to work. She knew though that she would have a lot of work to do once word got out she was in a hospital.

Monday, July 13, 2009

MMM - July 13th 2009

Good morning, all. Beacon Girl again with the Monday Morning Messages.

Not a lot to report today, so I thought I would tell my own hero story. It happened a long time ago. When I was young. But I think it makes a good hero story.

Little Darla
The Girl of Shadows

by Beacon Girl

Saving Cira

I remember it well. It was a Saturday. Mama had just called lunch. We were having burgers and fries with Kool-Aid. Punch. My favorite.

Sitting with me was Cira, my beautiful teddy bear with the hat and flowers. I put her on the table so I could keep an eye on her. Danger lurked everywhere. Especially across from us. That was where Swine Boy was sitting.

Swine Boy is rude and gross, and he doesn’t like Cira at all. He thinks she’s silly and stupid, but he’s just jealous because Gamma only gave him a stuffed pig, while I got beautiful Cira. Unlike Grunt, Swine Boy’s pukey pig, I keep Cira beautiful and clean. Grunt has food stains all over. He’s just gross.

It was when I left the table to go to the bathroom that it happened. I refilled my glass, but when I returned to the table Cira was gone. So was Swine boy. I knew he had kidnapped her. There was nothing left to do. This was a job for – The Girl of Shadows.

I hurried to my room and pushed the secret control by my closet. Then I went in and changed into my super girl costume. Then I came out ready for action.

There was only one place Swine Boy could have taken Cira, and that was to his dungeon stronghold. I would have to be careful and quiet. Fortunately, silly old Swine Boy thinks it’s cool to leave it dark down there, so being sneaky was easy.

The new carpeting on the stairs helped me descend into the pit noiselessly. I could hear Swine Boy preparing his dastardly equipment to hurt my Cira. Working my way quietly around the stacks of boxes I found a place where I could see them. Swine Boy was stuffing Cira into a box. What horrors did he intend? How could I save my Cira?

Then, finished with his work, Swine Boy put the box underneath two other boxes. After that he turned to go back upstairs. I hid myself in the shadows. He never saw me.

When he walked past and up the stairs I sprang into action. I hurried to where Cira had been locked away. There was Grunt, guarding the way. It was a terrific fight, but I slapped him up and locked him up in the box he was guarding. Then, holding tight to Cira, I fled the dungeon and hurried upstairs. Cira was rescued.

But I must be on my guard. Swine Boy has not given up. What will he do next?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Trial For Treason

On Trial For Treason (part 4)
by Bevie James

Panthera sat shocked. She knew Panteskus was up to something clever, but this was a surprise to even her. And to Ursa Drake. She sat with a look of incredulity. Simthara may have been shocked, but she was too angry to show it.

“What do you mean, Pelage is not a criminal? Of course she’s a criminal! That was determined by the Court of Gambol.”

Panteskus shook his head. “Kangaroo court.”

“You would insult a Court of the People?” asked Simthara.

“No,” said Panteskus. “But Gambol’s court was not a court of the people. It was a court of kangaroos and apes. Pelage was guilty before it began. That is why the People of Cats fought so hard to have Panthera assigned to bring Pelage back. We wanted to make sure she made it back.”

“What are you implying?” said Simthara.

“Nothing. I think I’ve made my point quite clear.”

Simthara was furious, but it seemed to Panthera that she had been caught off guard by Panteskus’ accusation. In any case, instead of launching another tirade against him, she turned to Ursa Drake for help.

“Adjudicator, must we listen to these insults?”

To Panthera’s surprise, Ursa Drake did not criticize Panteskus for his words. Instead, she seemed thoughtful. She glanced at Simthara and then looked back to Panteskus.

“So what are you suggesting? Do we put Pelage on trial again?”

“If there is doubt, it seems the right thing to do,” said Panteskus.

“What doubt?” asked Simthara. “The Gambol Court made its decision. Why did the People of Cats not make an appeal at that time?”

“Because, unlike certain other people, we of the Cats are a cautious people. A thoughtful people. We gather evidence before acting.”

“And are you saying you have acquired new evidence?” asked Ursa Drake.

“I am.”

“What evidence?” asked Simthara.

Panteskus looked at Panthera. “The fact that Panthera actually caught Pelage. And then let her go. What other reason can there be than that Panthera knows Pelage is innocent?”

Simthara cackled, unafraid to show her contempt. Ursa Drake smiled.

“I can think of another reason. Panthera didn’t want to be the one to bring her lover back for sentencing. She’s a traitor, too. That’s why we’re here, Panteskus.”

“No. We are here because Pelage has been wrongly convicted of treason. She wasn’t even here to defend herself. Now Panthera is facing the same fate. All because she learned the truth: that Pelage is innocent.”

“So you say,” said Simthara. “But we must needs deal with facts. What facts do you have to present, Panteskus?”

“The facts are inside Panthera’s head. All we need do is question her.”

The room went silent. All eyes shifted from Panteskus to Ursa Drake. How would she deal with this? She addressed Panthera directly.

“It seems we are back to you, Panthera. Please present your evidence.”

Monday, July 6, 2009

MMM - July 6th, 2009

Good morning, all. Beacon Girl again with the Monday Morning Messages. This is a scheduled message so I hope it posts. Been having trouble with that lately and I don't know why.

BACK ISSUES: Since this is a blog there aren't any "back issues" per se. What there is, is history. I encourage everyone who has not read older stories to do so. We have had 12 different stories. Some are still ongoing. There is some good writing on this blog.

HILDA's RECIPES: This one came in curtesy of Wolverine. I believe it may be a Bazna favorite. Not sure.
Take a container half full of syrup (about a fluid ounce). Get an orange and squeeze all the juice into the syrup. Then take a sunflower seed and put it in the the container. Then take french toast and dip it. Make sure you leave a few crumbs behind. Drink the syrup out of the container. It should have a syrupy, salty, juicy taste.

GONNA BE RICH: I keep getting email notifications that I've won millions of dollars from lotteries I've never tried for. What a shame Commander Grey forbids personal riches from our positions as Heroes of the Cosmos. Maybe when I retire.

NOTE: The scheduler isn't posting automatically. Don't know what's going on.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

On Trial For Treason

On Trial For Treason (part 3)
by Bevie James

Simthara shifted in her chair.

“Forgive me, Adjudicator. It was the accusation. I reacted out of habit. It shall not occur again.”

Ursa Drake seemed satisfied. She turned her attention to Panteskus.

“Very good. So, Panteskus. What are you saying? I hope you are not accusing a judge of impropriety?”

Panteskus remained all manners and smiles.

“No, Adjudicator. Simthara has just reacted emotionally – as is her wont. I am sure she believes everything in her report is true. But that is why we have these trials: to determine if truth. My point is just that we have yet to determine a crime. Are there pieces to this puzzle which Simthara missed?”

Simthara’s anger had not abated, and Panteskus’ words fueled it. Panthera smiled at his baiting demeanor.

“No crime!” Simthara cried. “She held the criminal Pelage in her arms. Pelage was captured. But where is Pelage now? Free in Lower Earth. Why? Because Panthera let her go! That act makes her an accomplice.”

Ursa Drake allowed Simthara her outrage. Panthera suspected it was a compromise, for no doubt Ursa Drake understood Panteskus’ motives, too. The cat-and-mouse game was a game to be played with patience. That’s why the cats usually won.

“What have you to say to this, Panteskus?” Ursa asked. “Simthara’s argument is both strong and sound.”

“As far as it goes, yes,” said Panteskus. “But it fails to take into consideration the thinking of cats.”

Ursa Drake smiled. “Which is?”

“I can answer that!” said Simthara. Everyone turned to her. Simthara gave Panthera a look of loathing. “Pelage was once Panthera’s lover. There is no way Panthera could bring herself to being part of Pelage’s capture. So I warned from the beginning. I said we should have sent someone from the apes.”

“Do you honestly believe one of the People of the Apes could actually capture Pelage?” asked Panteskus.

“Don’t pretend you’re superior because you’re a cat,” said Simthara.

“I’m not pretending anything,” said Panteskus.

“How dare you!”

“How dare I what?”

Ursa Drake was now angry.

“Enough! Both of you! This is not about the People of Apes, or Cats. It is about Panthera, and whether she is, or is not, guilty of betraying our people in releasing Pelage. There is no question that she did that, Panteskus. That you must admit. I understand you’re wanting to see your cousin’s daughter exonerated, but I will not allow you to manipulate this trial for your own amusement. Do you understand?”

“I do, Adjudicator.”

“And you, Simthara. Control your temper, or I shall be forced to find a replacement.”

“I will, Adjudicator.”

“So. Panteskus. What is your point?”

“That Panthera cannot be guilty of treason if her actions were not against The People. For instance, if she held you, Simthara, and then let you go, there would be no crime.”

“But she didn’t hold me. She held Pelage.”


“So what are you saying?” asked Ursa Drake.

Panteskus smiled. “What if Pelage is not a criminal?”

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Ultimate Villain

Lady Edna
The Ultimate Villain (part 3)
By Wolverine

A crocodile followed in behind Zaritar and growled.

“Does anyone have any problems with that?” asked Zaritar.

“I do!” said a police officer, “You can’t barge in here and expect us to bow to you!”

“Yes I can,” said Zaritar as calm as ever.

“What?” said the officer as the rest of the officers that weren’t being held by the bandits came forward.

Zaritar raised his arm without the gun in his hand, “Bow now, or face certain doom!”

“Never!” said the cops.

“Very well,” said Zaritar pointing his pointer finger on his left hand at the one who spoke up.

A blast of energy came out and the cop fell dead.

“Any more, comments on this?” asked Zaritar blowing away the smoke on his finger.

“Y-you can’t kill us like rats in a lab!” said a police man.

“Why do say it’s like rats in a lab?”

“B-because your killing us without the slightest emotion!”

“On the contrary, I’m killing you for the fun of it,” said Zaritar moving toward the man.

Zaritar took out a huge axe off his back and brought it up two inches from the man’s face. He grab him by the collar and flung him up in the air. He came down on the sharp top of the axe.

“Well now, who else wishes to disregard my orders,” said Zaritar still without the slightest change in emotion or anything. He was still as calm as could be.

Lady Edna out of a corner aimed her staff at Zaritar, not noticing the crocodile was gone. Just as she was going to fire the crocodile grabbed her cape and she jumped away ripping her cape. Zaritar moved his eyes to the left without moving his head, but still remained calm giving his orders.

The crocodile grabbed her in it’s mouth and Lady Edna sent the light through her body. It exploded around her and the crocodile’s mouth was not damaged, just in pain. It roared and ran around killing anything in it’s path.

Zaritar turned and put his gun away. He grabbed the axe and raised his arms walking toward Lady Edna.

“Is it they hard to bow?” said Zaritar still calm.

The fighting between the cops and the thieves had started again, but Tar went around behind Lady Edna. He formed his body into a jail cell and launched himself on Lady Edna trapping her.

Lady Edna was almost immune to Tar so just did her light exploding spell and Tar flew back. She took out her gun (45 caliber) and shot Zaritar in the stomach in a fatal place, but he was not dead yet.

He fell over , but was still calm. Tar fired his machine guns and hit her in the leg. She collapsed with an “oof”.

She emptied her rounds on Tar but it had little effect. Zaritar aimed his hand at her and blasted the energy at her. It missed but it still hurt her because it exploded near her.

Lady Edna, now seriously wounded, plunged her staff into Zaritar. He still was calm through all this time though and he didn’t seem to be showing any signs of pain.

Zaritar took his gun and aimed at her head. Tar did the same. Lady edna got up and looked back an forth between them. She was figuring out witch one to attacked. She chose Zaritar.

She lunged at him. He fired but missed. Tar still had a clear view of them, and fired at Lady Edna.