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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hilda in the Rabbit Hole

Hilda Meahr and Snipper

She was an unsung hero, for who would sings songs about an overweight woman?
Yet hero she was indeed.
You see, Hilda was the cook at the local holiday feed.

The feast was crashed by villains four: Rusty, Snock, Gwen, and their hampster Malimew.
They had come to steal jewels.
You see, the feast was in honor of her Ladyship, the Mayor

But it chanced that day that Hilda Meahr, came through the door with a plate of kippers.
With her, the dog Snippers.
And the smell that wafted through the crowd, stopped the villains in their tracks.

While the villains ate plate after plate, Hilda kept the food hot and plenty.
Dog Snippers ran for help.
And ere the villains filled their bellies, the Legion Heroes arrived in force.

For want of a kipper an escape was ruined.
At least it weren’t the cake.

Happy Rabbit Hole Day!