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Friday, May 14, 2010

One last thing...

Bevie had been ill for some time and wasn't able to work, so his financial situation was increasingly difficult for him and his family. We're not able to send flowers for the funeral tomorrow and in any case the money can probably be put to better use.

Stacy had the wonderful idea of setting up a PayPal account to take donations for Bevie's family. If you'd like to give a donation as the last thing you can do for Bevie, then why not pop over now to Stacy's Cafe. The donation link is in her left hand sidebar. When the donations are in, Stacy will send a money order to Bevie's widow as after discussion with the family this was agreed to be most helpful to them.

It's all that's left for us to do now. You can do it here.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sad News

I heard today that my good friend Bevie James, who was the inspiration for and the creator of this blog, died in his sleep in the early hours of Thursday morning, 6th May.

Bevie was a warm-hearted man, full of caring for others and rather shy. He loved to write and stories just poured out from him.

He made a lot of friends online and inspired much warmth and affection.

He leaves a wife and son and I'm sure that your thoughts like mine will be with them. The funeral is on Saturday.

He is a great loss to us all.