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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bear and Man

Bear and Man (part 1)
by Wolverine

Shaavoring is a skraskle. A bear that walks on it’s hind legs. They have three long claws on their paws that are about as long as a human hand. Where our thumb would be. The skraskles have a fourth claw. They are all around eight feet tall, but Shaavoring was different. He was the biggest and strongest of all the skraskles. He was closer to ten feet tall.

Shaavoring was captain of a warship. They warship’s flag was a skraskles head that looked liked it moved. It wasn’t the wind, it was something else when you looked at it. They skraskles put a special substance on it that almost makes it alive.

Skraskles wealth comes from battles won and weapons gained. The one who had the best weapons would be the captain of a ship. Shaavoring had many weapons. All equally as beautiful as the next. He had though, a wonderful golden sword. The handle of the sword was a golden dragon with it’s mouth open. Along the hilt and up the sword was an assortment of gems, crystals, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and more. That sword would probably worth it least a few million dollars.

Shaavoring and the crew of the Zanestar sailed the Atlantic Ocean. They were going to attack their enemies along the east cost of the United States of America. The humans. Skraskles hated humans. All their wars were blamed on them.

The skraskles arrived at the undefended coast on time. They anchored their ship and leap off it. The coast of Florida was rarely defended at this time of night. The sea was treacherous there for the humans had caused whirlpools to pop up out of nowhere.

Shaavoring told his men to go around the right to lead off the guards while he went around the left to get into the capital city.

The guards saw the skraskles and all ran to fight them. Shaavoring ran to door and threw the two remaining guards toward the fight. He burst through the door just in time to get trampled by the cities army.

The first few just bounced of Shaavoring giving him enough time to head for cover behind an antique shield displayed on the wall.

After the army had all left Shaavoring ran to kill the governor of Florida. He found the governor’s bed room very easily, not running into many guards.

“Shaavoring,” said a voice behind him.

There was a lot of noise going on out side. So he thought he was just imagining the noise.

“Shaavoring!” it called again. This time more forceful.

Shaavoring flung around throwing one of the swords on his back toward the noise. Nothing. His sword struck the wall behind him with a load clang. He went to pick up his sword and someone dropped down from above.


fairyhedgehog said...

I love the feel of this - it's a bit like The Golden Compass. I'm not sure whose side I'm on. Shaavoring is a very charismatic figure but I am a human after all.


Bevie said...

A pirate bear. Cool!

This one has intrigue. Has Shaavoring walked into a trap?