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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twice the Fun

Twice the Fun (part 2)
by Bevie James

Sonsi Inamore Sybarti Inamore


Feathered Guy Anthropist

Both Sonsi and Sybarti sat and stared at the man standing in the road. He made no move to either get out of the way or to advance upon their vehicle. Finally, Sybarti snapped.

“Just who does he think he is, standing in the road like he owns it?”

Sonsi chuckled grimly. “Who do you think he is?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, look at him! I very much doubt he comes from anywhere around here.”

Sybarti gave the strange man another look. “Oh. I see what you mean. Think he’s a regulator agent or something?”

“Or something. Why don’t you put that little prize back into its sack and stuff it in the glove box.”


Sonsi waited until Sybarti had done as requested. “Okay. Let’s get out and see just what it is this guy wants.”

Sybarti smiled, slyly. “I know what he’s going to want.”

“Careful, Lover. We’re not sure what we’re up against yet.”

“We’re not up against it yet.”

“Dove and Condor?”

“Maybe. You want to play Dove?”

“I would. But you don’t make much of a Condor.”

“Tell me that later tonight.”

“Scamp. Let’s go.”

The two women got out and sauntered up to the man, who patiently stood his ground. He waited until they were only a few steps away before addressing them.

“Good evening, ladies.”

“Good evening,” said Sonsi. “Out for a walk in the moonlight?”

Sybarti sidled up to the man. “How romantic!”

The man gave Sybarti a glance, but he continued to address Sonsi. “Not really. I had reason to believe the two of you would be using this road, and I wished to talk with you.”

Sybarti let her hands wander over the man’s tunic, which was stretched tight across his chest. “Ooh! How interesting. Hoping maybe we would give you a ride?”

Sonsi continued to study the man. He was dark-skinned so it was hard to tell. Maybe he was blushing, but she didn’t think so. His half smile was one more of amusement than embarrassment, or excitement. More and more she was convinced they were dealing with a regulatory agent. Possibly hired by law enforcement from Sorc. He was too collected to just be anyone.

“You were looking especially for us then?” she asked.

“Oh, yes.”

Sonsi exchanged a quick look with Sybarti. As twin sisters they were often able to communicate silently. The looked was enough to let Sonsi know Sybarti was prepared to act. Sonsi maintained her poise.

“May I ask why?”

“I should have thought that was obvious,” said the man.

“So would I. Except you are entirely ignoring my sister’s attentions.”

“Oh, am I? So sorry. Very nice indeed. Thank you so much.”

Sybarti fell away as though slapped. “Nice! What do you mean, ‘nice’? You gay or something?”

The man smiled. It was the kind of smile which Sonsi hated, for it meant he felt in control. Males never felt in control around Sybarti.

“Or something,” he said.


fairyhedgehog said...

Oh, I love it especially that last line. He's a wonderful hero.

Bevie said...

Thanks. He's going to be hard to establish, but hopefully he will be worth the work.