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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Ultimate Villain

Lady Edna
The Ultimate Villain (part 4)
By Wolverine

“Ah!” Lady Edna screamed as Tar fired his guns and hit her in the back in a non lethal place.

She fell down and tried to get up but couldn’t. Zaritar walked over to her and laughed. Tar came up beside him.

“Is she dead?” asked Tar.

“Hopefully. This one has caused a lot of trouble,” said Zaritar.

“Hay look,” said Tar pointing at all the police men running out the door.

“Well I’m glad that’s over,” said one of the thugs.

“Now we’re free to rob and destroy this place,” said another.

Lady Edna opened her eyes from her position on the floor and Zaritar and Tar were walking away. She still had her gun and her staff was not far away. In fact it was in reach. She grabbed her gun from the floor next to her and reached for the staff with her right hand. She got it and got up on her knees.

“Lets get all the jewels and get out of here,” said Zaritar.

“Not if I can help it,” said Lady Edna pointing her staff at Zaritar.

She fired a blast of light at him. He flew back and slammed into the wall. He got up and called for his crocodile. Lady Edna started firing at all the thugs killing most of them with her 45 caliber pistol. She tried to get to her knees but fell dodging a blast of energy from Zaritar’s finger.

Zaritar pointed his fist at Lady Edna and shot a huge blast of energy hitting her full in the chest. She fell back dropping her gun.

All the members of the gang left except Tar and Zaritar. They walked up to Lady Edna.

“Check her,” said Zaritar.

Tar got down on his knees and felt her neck to see if she was alive. As soon as he put his hand her throat she grabbed his hand. He started wrapping his tar form around her hand . That’s what she was hoping for.

She used all the energy she had left to send light throughout the entire building. The cops outside turned around and saw a huge blast of light and then silence. Then a glow of fire getting bigger and bigger. They turned and ran but the force of the explosion sent them flying in the air. They landed physically unhurt.

Black was all of a sudden flying everywhere. It moved together and Tar came out of the puddle of tar. He stumbled toward them and fell over. They picked him up and brought him to the top security prison. They would seal up all the cracks and weld the door to the walls of the prison when they got him there.

Zaritar got up from the ashes and slowly walked over to Lady Edna.

“I guess this is the end of our exciting adventure,” Zaritar said to Lady Edna’s motionless body on the floor.

He took his machine gun an pointed it at her. He motion to his crocodile and it went toward her to feast. Lady Edna with struggle opened her eyes and saw the crocodile coming toward her.

Zaritar could sense fear and he knew she was alive. He put the machine gun up to his eye to get aim at her heart. He heard a hissing noise and so did the crocodile who stopped.

He ignored it and aimed at Lady Edna. A hissing spitting creature flew out of nowhere and landed on Zaritar’s face. It clawed and scratched doing almost nothing on his mask, but it distracted him and his croc.

Lady Edna used all her strength to get up and grab her staff.

“Ran! Jump Down!” she yelled to her raccoon.

When Ran came off of Zaritar’s face Lady Edna hit him with the end of her staff with all her strength and he fell over knocked out. About thirty police men came and took the crocodile and Zaritar away.

“You O.K,” asked one of the cops.

“What does it look like,” said Lady Edna slowly falling down on the ground.

“We better get you to a hospital, “ the cop said.

Lady Edna got word she would fine in about three months and would be able to get back to work. She knew though that she would have a lot of work to do once word got out she was in a hospital.


Bevie said...

Wow! Lady Edna is a modern super hero. She kills. She's also quite tough.

Good job.

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm so glad Lady Edna survived. I really didn't think she was going to.