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Monday, July 13, 2009

MMM - July 13th 2009

Good morning, all. Beacon Girl again with the Monday Morning Messages.

Not a lot to report today, so I thought I would tell my own hero story. It happened a long time ago. When I was young. But I think it makes a good hero story.

Little Darla
The Girl of Shadows

by Beacon Girl

Saving Cira

I remember it well. It was a Saturday. Mama had just called lunch. We were having burgers and fries with Kool-Aid. Punch. My favorite.

Sitting with me was Cira, my beautiful teddy bear with the hat and flowers. I put her on the table so I could keep an eye on her. Danger lurked everywhere. Especially across from us. That was where Swine Boy was sitting.

Swine Boy is rude and gross, and he doesn’t like Cira at all. He thinks she’s silly and stupid, but he’s just jealous because Gamma only gave him a stuffed pig, while I got beautiful Cira. Unlike Grunt, Swine Boy’s pukey pig, I keep Cira beautiful and clean. Grunt has food stains all over. He’s just gross.

It was when I left the table to go to the bathroom that it happened. I refilled my glass, but when I returned to the table Cira was gone. So was Swine boy. I knew he had kidnapped her. There was nothing left to do. This was a job for – The Girl of Shadows.

I hurried to my room and pushed the secret control by my closet. Then I went in and changed into my super girl costume. Then I came out ready for action.

There was only one place Swine Boy could have taken Cira, and that was to his dungeon stronghold. I would have to be careful and quiet. Fortunately, silly old Swine Boy thinks it’s cool to leave it dark down there, so being sneaky was easy.

The new carpeting on the stairs helped me descend into the pit noiselessly. I could hear Swine Boy preparing his dastardly equipment to hurt my Cira. Working my way quietly around the stacks of boxes I found a place where I could see them. Swine Boy was stuffing Cira into a box. What horrors did he intend? How could I save my Cira?

Then, finished with his work, Swine Boy put the box underneath two other boxes. After that he turned to go back upstairs. I hid myself in the shadows. He never saw me.

When he walked past and up the stairs I sprang into action. I hurried to where Cira had been locked away. There was Grunt, guarding the way. It was a terrific fight, but I slapped him up and locked him up in the box he was guarding. Then, holding tight to Cira, I fled the dungeon and hurried upstairs. Cira was rescued.

But I must be on my guard. Swine Boy has not given up. What will he do next?


fairyhedgehog said...

I hurried to my room and pushed the secret control by my closet. Then I went in and changed into my super girl costume.

I loved this!

Lisa said...

What fun. The photos were well placed and added to the story

Beacon Girl said...

Thanks. My goal was to try and capture the youthful thinking of playing super hero.

Not sure if I will do more episodes, but I have four more images of Little Darla in costume.