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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Ultimate Villain

Lady Edna
The Ultimate Villain (part 3)
By Wolverine

A crocodile followed in behind Zaritar and growled.

“Does anyone have any problems with that?” asked Zaritar.

“I do!” said a police officer, “You can’t barge in here and expect us to bow to you!”

“Yes I can,” said Zaritar as calm as ever.

“What?” said the officer as the rest of the officers that weren’t being held by the bandits came forward.

Zaritar raised his arm without the gun in his hand, “Bow now, or face certain doom!”

“Never!” said the cops.

“Very well,” said Zaritar pointing his pointer finger on his left hand at the one who spoke up.

A blast of energy came out and the cop fell dead.

“Any more, comments on this?” asked Zaritar blowing away the smoke on his finger.

“Y-you can’t kill us like rats in a lab!” said a police man.

“Why do say it’s like rats in a lab?”

“B-because your killing us without the slightest emotion!”

“On the contrary, I’m killing you for the fun of it,” said Zaritar moving toward the man.

Zaritar took out a huge axe off his back and brought it up two inches from the man’s face. He grab him by the collar and flung him up in the air. He came down on the sharp top of the axe.

“Well now, who else wishes to disregard my orders,” said Zaritar still without the slightest change in emotion or anything. He was still as calm as could be.

Lady Edna out of a corner aimed her staff at Zaritar, not noticing the crocodile was gone. Just as she was going to fire the crocodile grabbed her cape and she jumped away ripping her cape. Zaritar moved his eyes to the left without moving his head, but still remained calm giving his orders.

The crocodile grabbed her in it’s mouth and Lady Edna sent the light through her body. It exploded around her and the crocodile’s mouth was not damaged, just in pain. It roared and ran around killing anything in it’s path.

Zaritar turned and put his gun away. He grabbed the axe and raised his arms walking toward Lady Edna.

“Is it they hard to bow?” said Zaritar still calm.

The fighting between the cops and the thieves had started again, but Tar went around behind Lady Edna. He formed his body into a jail cell and launched himself on Lady Edna trapping her.

Lady Edna was almost immune to Tar so just did her light exploding spell and Tar flew back. She took out her gun (45 caliber) and shot Zaritar in the stomach in a fatal place, but he was not dead yet.

He fell over , but was still calm. Tar fired his machine guns and hit her in the leg. She collapsed with an “oof”.

She emptied her rounds on Tar but it had little effect. Zaritar aimed his hand at her and blasted the energy at her. It missed but it still hurt her because it exploded near her.

Lady Edna, now seriously wounded, plunged her staff into Zaritar. He still was calm through all this time though and he didn’t seem to be showing any signs of pain.

Zaritar took his gun and aimed at her head. Tar did the same. Lady edna got up and looked back an forth between them. She was figuring out witch one to attacked. She chose Zaritar.

She lunged at him. He fired but missed. Tar still had a clear view of them, and fired at Lady Edna.


Bevie said...

She seems to be a bit overmatched. How does one defeat an opponent who feels no pain?

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm not sure who is going to get the upper hand here. I hope it's Lady Edna.

Lisa said...

Amusing come back "I’m killing you for the fun of it"
Will be interesting to see how this plays out.