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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twice the Fun

Twice the Fun (part 1)
by Bevie James

Sonsi Inamore Sybarti Inamore

Feathered Guy Anthropist

The two women laughed as they got into the car. The engine revved and the car sped off, leaving the sound of squealing tires behind.

“That worked better than I expected,” said the passenger, opening the brown paper bag she held. She lifted out a heavy necklace, strung with diamonds.

“Right,” said the driver. “This place is great. There are gems all over, and the males seem easy enough to control.”

“Ha!” laughed the passenger. “Oh, Sansi, you’re a peach. That idiot is probably still waiting in bed for us to come in.”

Sansi expressed her satisfaction with a smile. “I expect he will deflate well enough when he realizes we already got what we came for.”

“He’s going to be mad.”

“He must be mad to believe either of us would climb into bed with him. But I think you were the one he was really hoping to get.”

“Me? Why so?”

“Don’t play coy, Sybarti. The guys all hit on you first. You know that.”

Sybarti cocked and eye at her sister. “Maybe that’s because they think I’m you. They can’t tell us apart.”

“Yes. Well, we’re not quite the same. I’m less inclined to take things further than we did tonight. You, I think, would have enjoyed it.”

Sybarti shrugged. “So I like the fringe benefits.” She leaned over and caressed her sister’s shoulder. “You would, too, if they were anything like me.”

Sansi pushed Sybarti’s hand away. “Not while I’m driving.”

“Saving it for later, huh? I’m cool with that. Just don’t make me wait too long. All that play-acting back there has got me warmed up. Kind of like this vehicle we’re in.”

“You’re always warmed up. But I’ll cool you down all right, once we get to the cabin.” She glanced at the necklace Sybarti was holding. “How much do you think that will fetch?”

Sybarti turned it in her fingers and held it up to the dash lights.

“These are good stones. Better than any we got on Sorc. And there’s a lot of them. This would be a career for most brigands.”

“Yeah, well we’re hardly in that crowd. How long can we go off it?”

“A while. But we’ll probably need to make another haul before we bail off this planet. It’s a pity we have to sell it. It’s such a pretty thing.”

Sansi watched her sister admire the necklace.

“Put it on. I’d love to see you in it.”

“I bet you would. When we get to the cabin. You can put it on me, and then I’ll let you take it off again.”

“You’re a scamp. Ho! What’s this now?”

Sansi braked and the car came to a quiet stop. There, standing in the road before them, was a tall man in a tight green and blue suit. He had blue hair and great white wings. He carried what looked to be a grocery bag.

“Why do I sense trouble?” asked Sybarti.


fairyhedgehog said...

That's very odd and amusing.

Lisa said...

Did I misread that the sisters are having an intimate relationship?

Bevie said...

Odd is okay, right?

Bevie said...

I didn't exactly say that, did I?

fairyhedgehog said...

I don't see how else we could read it...

Bevie said...

I'm not denying anything. It's still PG, isn't it?

fairyhedgehog said...

I don't know but I'm not bothered.

Bevie said...

Good. I have a definite idea about these two, and I would hate to have to make them stilted.