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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bazna: Encounter of Animals


The Encounter of Animals Part 2
by Wolverine

When Tigris fell over, she had threw her mind, or soul, into the body of the lion. Nobody knew of this power except her, and her victims that she had used this tactic on.

Tigris roared and jumped up to the second level. You might be thinking, why didn’t she just turn into a lion, ordinary lions are not as dangerous as Lana. Same with her horse and birds.

Bazna turned and saw the lion prepare to jump, but reacted to slowly. The lion jumped and caught Bazna between it’s claws. Bazna yelled in pain, but even in his pain he shot the lion with a burst of energy.

The lion fell down to the floor unharmed. Tigris came out of the lion and back into her own self. It sounds like a waste of time that she went into the body of the lion, but she caused more damage then it appeared.

Tigris turned into a great eagle and flew up to Bazna. Bazna reached for his gun near his hip and aimed it at the bird. The eagle swooped down on him and with it’s talons tore the gun out of his hand. It was lucky he was wearing gauntlets, or his hand would not be there.

Even with the gauntlet, Bazna’s hand still hurt. He took out his other gun, but the bird was to far away. Even though Tigris could not take the gun away, she turned into a mouse and Bazna’s bullet missed. Before Tigris hit the ground, she turned into a vulture to peck and eat at Bazna. Bazna though had fired twice.

Before Tigris heard the second shot, she turned into the vulture, then was hit with the bullet. The vulture fell to the ground dead.

Bazna started firing at Tigris while she turned back to her original form. She dodged the bullets and went back to a bird and flew up at Bazna. Tigris dodged Bazna’s bullets, turned to a bear and they fought in the air.

All this time Tigris’s animals were exploring around Bazna’s hideout, looking for something even they did not know. To a point Tigris could control them even out of their bodies.

Ackla came back with a huge sword in his mouth. He ran up to the second level holding Bazna’s sword in his mouth, the one he thrust into the bird.

Ackla dropped it and barked, letting Bazna know he was there. Bazna looked at the dog then at the sword. He struggled from the bear who was rapidly turning into a bird flying up, then to a bear to attack and doing that over and over again. He got away from the bear and flew to his sword.

Tigris flew over to the sword, but Bazna got there first and lashed out with his sword. When Tigris turns from animal to animal, there is a slight time when she goes to her original form. So when she changed from bird to bear, the sword hit her in between.

Tigris never got to her bear form, even though she was not dead. She did not have the strength to turn into and animal so she turned and ran. She was hit in the stomach, so running was hard.

Bazna looked over the edge and saw Ackla trying to fight off the animals that were changing slowly into large scary versions of themselves.


Bevie said...

A long, and intense battle. So the hero isn't killed, but the villain got away, leaving a threat behind.

fairyhedgehog said...

That was a fierce battle with lots of action.

freddie said...

A tense battle, to be sure. I need to catch up!

Wolverine said...

My dad says that I haven't got many coments because it is almost all action and you aren't used to that so you don't know what to say.

You means everyone that follows this blog.

fairyhedgehog said...

I think comments may be dropping off a bit anyway at the moment.

Lisa said...

I like action, this was rather cool - all the jumping from different animals.
I know I get behind reading all my blogs, I haven't even been posting as much as I've been busy with other things.

Not all people who read, always comment. Although I make a point to read all postings (albeit slowly), I'm not sure that all members of this blog make a point to try to read all the stories. I'm certainly quicker to read the stories of those who comment on my stories, but I still will read everyone's stories. (eventually)

I also often read from my iPhone and I'm not too fond of typing on my iPhone. (on my laptop now).

freddie said...

Some members of this blog haven't had time to read OR post. I myself am just catching up and won't have time to comment on every post.