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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bazna: Encounter of Animals

The Encounter of Animals Part 3
by Wolverine

Bazna flew down to help Ackla who was changing into a giant dog. His teeth and claws were getting sharper and longer. The lion was still twice his size.

The lion hit Bazna away with her claw. Bazna slammed into the wall. He tried to get up but a sudden pain went through his back and he fell over.

Ackla got to his full size (a little bit smaller than fifteen feet) and shot his sonic blast at the lion. It had little affect.

Bazna got up and saw Ackla surrounded by the animals. He shot the hawk with a lightning bolt. He ignored his pain and charged at the lion. His sword made a deep gash in the lions back left leg.

The lion roared and grabbed Bazna in it’s mouth. Before it could bite him in half Ackla jumped and ran into the lion. The lion dropped Bazna and Ackla bit the lion’s damaged leg. The leg fell off and the lion roared . The horse stampeded in and Bazna jumped on top of it. It was trying to run Ackla over, but Ackla shot out his sonic blast and knocked the horse over.

Bazna flipped in the air and landed safely on the ground. The hawk and owl grabbed Ackla. Blood spurted out of Ackla’s sides. Bazna flew up and stabbed the owl with his ninja staff. A lightning bolt came out and the owl collapsed. The hawk dropped Ackla and he fell.

The lion wobbled behind Ackla and lifted her claw. Her claw raked Ackla’s back and he fell. The ninja staff plunged into the lion’s side. The lion fell over and lightning started shooting out of the staff. The lion’s body glowed yellow and then exploded.

Lightning shot everywhere and most of it hit the hawk who died. The horse came again, but Ackla was to winded to carry on. Bazna took his sword and threw it with all his might. The sword plunged into the horse’s front right leg. It whinnied, but kept coming.

Bazna braced for the impact that never came. He opened his eyes and the horse had flipped over him and Ackla and landed behind them dead.

Ackla got up and growled at the body. He went over and sniffed it.

“It’s dead. So are the others,” said Bazna.

Ackla sat down and began licking his wounds.

“Go back,” said Bazna and Ackla returned to his normal size. Bazna, knelt beside him.

Bazna looked up and saw the animals turn to dust. He looked at where the dead bodies had been with a worried look behind his helmet.

“You can never kill my animals until you kill me! And you will never stop me! My animals are here now, safe and sound with me!” yelled Tigris.

Bazna heard running along with flapping of wings. He relaxed. Tigris had finally left him in peace. For now.


Bevie said...

A tremendous battle! And the victor is more of a survivor than a conqueror. The vanquished merely off to prepare for another confrontation.

This is true comic book style.

Wolverine said...

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

fairyhedgehog said...

That was a terrific fight! So Bazna has won, at least for now. It seems like he's going to need that peace and quiet to get his strength up ready for next time.

Lisa said...

Great action. I find I try to read faster to pace with the action