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Monday, June 22, 2009

MMM - June 22nd, 2009


Hello. Beacon Girl here with the Monday Morning Messages (MMM).

Prison News: With the help of master builders from the World of Fabrithan, Commander Grey has now created a place to put incarcerated Villains awaiting trial and serving time. It is called Dungeon House, and it has the power to negate the special magical abilities Villains possess. Currently, there are six Super Villains residing in Dungeon House – Cudgel (captured by Fire Red, a Legion Member), Felid Cusp (captured by Azure-Gin, an independent Hero), Loobie (captured by Green Archer, a Legion Member), Mr. Manners (captured by Heroines of the Night), Procyon Inspirit (captured by Targeted Bow, a legion Member), and Scepter Axe (captured by Stumpy Bear, a Legion Member).

Hero Alert: There is now an affiliated Hero organization with the Legion. It is called Heroines of the Night. Right now it consists of five female Super Heroes – Safe Whiffle, Primitive Brute, Caped Blade, Lasered Lash, and Masked Wizard. Commander Grey has been in contact with their leader, Safe Whiffle, about them joining the Legion. He has been more aggressively pursuing this since their capture of Mr. Manners, who now resides in Dungeon House.

New Invite: As revealed in the Legion Blog story of 6-13-09, Commander Grey has officially invited Hidden Embers to join Legion Headquarters.

Escaped: Prior to the creation of Dungeon House, the following Super Villains have managed to escape their confinements –

Amatory and Cyprian. A pair of smugglers who also dabble in espionage.

Inamore Twins, Sonsi and Sybarti. Twin sisters who specialize in magical jewel heists.

Thunderbolt. A crazed anarchist from the World of Kindle.

Morshadda. A powerful warrior from the World of Darkness. Approach with extreme caution.


fairyhedgehog said...

I like those wanted posters!

I want to write the next bit of my story but I'm not sure how it goes. I hope some of the other post too.

Bevie said...

The wanted posters are cool. Got some ideas on how to implement them, too.

I hope others continue to write for the Legion, too. You all are telling wonderful stories.

Wolverine said...

Morshadda should be like the ultimate villain. She's cool.

The wanted posters were a real smart idea Bevie!

Bevie said...

Thanks Wolverine.

I'm hoping for big things from Morshadda.