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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hidden Embers: Mist Over Monticello

Mist Over Monticello (part Five)
by Bevie James

At that moment two dozen police offers arrived on scene. They rushed down the embankment and began working feverishly to get the tree off Wafula. They managed it, but Wafula was unconscious. Mulogo hovered nearby, tears filling his eyes.

“He’s not dead, is he? Please tell me he’s not dead.”

“He’s breathing,” said an officer. “Someone call for an ambulance.”

“There’s one arriving now,” said another.

The first officer looked up and saw the man in the suit. “Hidden Embers. I should have guessed. Why else would so many officers feel the need to show up here with logging equipment? I suppose you called the ambulance, too?”

“I did,” said Hidden Embers.

The officer looked down at the still unconscious Wafula. “Not normally your style. You could have killed him.”

“I didn’t do that.”

“You didn’t? No mind control on them?”

“Didn’t need it. They did it all themselves. I would strap that one down before he awakens.”

“Hmm. Good idea. Any idea why he is blue?”

The man glanced at Mulogo. “Just one. I would like to question this other before you take him away.”

“Very good. But be quick.”

Everyone left except Hidden Embers and Mulogo. Mulogo couldn’t keep his eyes off Wafula as the paramedics hauled him away.

“He will be all right?”

“I am sure he will. What about you?”


“What kind of fight do you intend to put up?”

“None. My place is with him. They will put us together, won’t they?”

“I will see it is arranged.”

“Is it permitted for me to ride with him now?”

The man glanced at the paramedics. “Now it is.”

“Thank you.”

Mulogo started to leave, another man in strange costume sudden appeared. He had a staff, and viewing device hanging from his neck. At his side was a young woman in some sort of all weather gear. An animal was with her.

Hidden Embers turned to face the newcomers.

“Well met, Hidden Embers,” said the man in the blue squared suit.

“You know me?”

“Yes. We’ve been monitoring you for some time, haven’t we, Lieutenant?”

“Yes, Commander.”


“My name is Commander Cerulean Grey. This is Lieutenant Stamur Chaste and her companion, Trixie. We belong to a legion. One that should interest you.”

“Oh? What kind of legion?”

“One that can deal with criminals like the sort you just handled.”

“Actually, I didn’t handle these two. They did that on their own.”

Commander Grey chuckled. “So they did. Lieutenant, make a final reconnoiter of the scene and file a report.”

The woman saluted. “Very good, Commander.”

She took a device from her belt and began scanning the area, passing Hidden Embers and Mulogo without so much as a glance.

“Nice fox,” said Hidden Embers.

The woman ignored him, but the animal paused and gave him a look. Mulogo wasn’t sure what the exchange meant. Hidden Embers addressed the Commander.

“A legion, huh?”

“Yes. A Legion of Super Heroes. You would make a fine addition to our team.”

“I will give it some thought.”

“Excellent. I will be contacting you again soon. Come along, Lieutenant.”

“Very good, Commander.”

Lieutenant Chase returned to the commander without acknowledging Hidden Embers or Mulogo. Hidden Embers looked down at the fox which followed in her wake. As he did, the fox stopped and looked up at him.

“Thank you,” she said.

Mulogo couldn’t tell, but he was certain Hidden Embers was taken aback when the animal spoke. Lieutenant Chase activated a device on her belt and she, the Commander, and the talking fox disappeared.

“Well, what do you think of that?” said Hidden Embers.

“Not sure,” said Mulogo. “What I am sure of is this: we’re going to meet again. And next time you won’t be able to count on my friend’s temper saving you.”

“I won’t. Thank you.”


Lisa said...

What fun I like how it worked in with our blog theme

fairyhedgehog said...

Are we seeing the start of the Legion coming together here?

This is coming along great.

Bevie said...

Yes, we are seeing the start of something big. Commander Cerulean Grey is organizing an official Legion Headquarters. Lieutenant Stamur Chaste is his second in command.

Now I've got to get back to writing some of the serials.

freddie said...

Hah. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Wolverine said...

Are all the heroes (or ones that want to) going to participate in the official Legion Headquarters? If so, how do you get your character in?

Bevie said...

Any Author's Hero can join Commander Grey's Legion. I'll have Beacon Girl set up a post to explain how it's done.