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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog Announcement

Good morning all. Beacon Girl again with a couple of things.

First, want to confirm your observations about a format change for the blog. The image list of Heroes and Villains along the right sidebar has been replaced with a Hero List along the left sidebar.

This Hero list shows all of the Heroes for which an episode has been written. The list contains their name, the Author(s) which wrote about them, and the number of episodes in which they occur.

Should you wish to read any/all of these episodes, the label link to get to them is right across the screen on the right sidebar. Author names are also included in the label list, in case you wish to search for all stories from a particular Author. (Some are more particular than others. Sorry. Couldnt' resist the joke.)

The Wanted posters which were part of yesterday's Monday Morning Messages (MMM) are now posted at the bottom of the blog. There is no requirement to write stories for these Villains, but hopefully the images will inspire some. There is debate in Legion Headquarters about offering a reward for the capture of these Villains, but an appropriate reward is still eluding the great thinkers at this time. So there is no reward. Beyond the joy of writing, that is.

Right now we have no stories scheduled for posting, but I believe fairyhedgehog is working on a sequel to her Fairy Hedgehog series, Bevie is working on a sequel for Panthera, and Wolverine is working on a sequel for Lady Edna.
No word from other Authors on new episode status, but that doesn't mean they're not working on something.

The ideas are still flying around Legion Headquarters. Some require a LOT of work. I will keep you informed when any take root and germinate. Until then, keep on writing. And reading.


fairyhedgehog said...

Eek! Thinking about working on would be more accurate. Or possibly feeling like I out to be thinking about working on might be even better.

Wolverine said...

I think the reward for the capture should be some short of prize either the hero or author gets. Now that I think about it though, it's pretty easy to capture the villains. All you have to do is write that they were caught.

Maybe the best written story about capturing one of the villains should get the prize.

Bevie said...

Sorry, Fairy. Didn't mean to add pressure. At least I didn't offer a date of publication.

Bevie said...

Good point, Wolverine. I can see it now: Hidden Embers went out to capture Thunderbolt. He caught him. The end.

Maybe the offer of a reward should have included a request for substance?

Wolverine said...

I think you should make a new post saying that you have to write a full length story (500 words) and who ever in your opinion writes the best gets the prize. Or everyone could vote, but then some people might just vote for their own.

freddie said...

I am working on my next installment. I don't know when it'll be finished, though. I hope by the end of the week.

Bevie said...

That's great, freddie! I've got word that Wolverine is about to put up his next installment. I'm still hoping to have my next Panthera episode ready by Saturday.

Wolverine said...

I can have my Ultimate Villain Part 2 post any time now Bevie. I just have to send it in and get a time.

Whirlochre said...

Sorrow part IV is currently in the hopper, though at the moment I'm working frantically on my WIP...

Bevie said...

It's okay, Whirl. I've been reading your blog and you are quite busy.

Hope you do get some time soon. Sorrow is a great series.