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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Ultimate Villain

Lady Edna
The Ultimate Villain (part 2)
By Wolverine

Lady Edna burst from Tar’s mass sending tar everywhere. She pointed her staff at the mass of tar forming and fired a blast of energy at it. Again, tar flew everywhere.

Tar formed his body into a giant hand and collapsed on Lady Edna. Lady Edna sent light throughout her body and it exploded around her. Tar flew back and went to his human shape. He aimed his guns at Lady Edna and fired.

Lady Edna got behind a barrel to block the fire. Tar’s thugs heard the gunfire and ran in with their machine guns.

Lady Edna jumped up to the rafters that weren’t very high and climbed up. She got to a sitting position and watched what the Tar would do next.

“I heard gunfire, what happened?” asked a member.

“Some fool came in and I shot her,” said Tar

“Who was it?” asked the leading member besides Tar.

“Someone in a hideous green suit.”

“I’m all for leaving.”

“She’s not our worry, our worry is that the police don’t find us before we get to the drop point.”

“The drop point!” thought Lady Edna, “I wonder what that is. I better find out."

“What was that!?” said the high member as Lady Edna shifted her position knocking a can over.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Tar.

Tar and the rest of the gang ran out of the warehouse, machine guns held high ready to fire. They came to a helicopter and they all got inside. The helicopter took off and Lady Edna watched helplessly as it left her behind. A black thing fell out of the helicopter when Lady Edna turned around.

Lady Edna thought of a plan to figure out how to determine what the “drop point” was. She concluded that she would have to follow the helicopter to figure it out. Her best chance of that was to go in the last known course of the helicopter, west.

The black object moved toward Lady Edna and turned to Tar behind her back. She turned around just in time to see two guns pointed at her and she jumped out of the way at the last second.

Tar turned to a liquid form and slid up to Lady Edna’s feet. He slowly came up her legs and onto her torso. Soon (even though she is highly resistible) Tar had engulfed her and sent a charge through his eyes into Lady Edna knocking her out.

The helicopter came around a building and landed next to them.

“Tar! Come On!” yelled the pilot.

Tar came off of Lady Edna’s body and took her on the helicopter. The helicopter took off and went back to it’s course.

The helicopter landed close to a town and the Tar all got out and ran into a jewelry store. Lady Edna was left unguarded and saw them go in. She got up and ran to stop them robbing it. Surprisingly she saw her weapons next to her and got them.

She ran in and saw that the police were already fighting the gang. She was about to help them when an object came through the door pushing her in. The fight was now a hand to hand fight so the noise was minimal.

The new figure took his machine gun and fired it in the air to get everyone’s attention.

“I am Zaritar! You will bow to me! Then you will all obey my every will,” he said.


fairyhedgehog said...

I knew Lady Edna would be worth watching! I love the way she sends light all through her body and it explodes around her.

Bevie said...

I like your stories, Wolverine. You capture the spirit of comic books very well.

Lady Edna seems to be a formidable hero. But then she has formidable adversaries.

Lisa said...

Tar is an interesting character too.