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Monday, June 15, 2009

Beacon Girl: Monday Announcements

Hello, Authors! Beacon Girl here with a couple of announcements.

First, Mondays are now scheduled for me to make regular announcements (when there are any). If there isn't anything to announce, perhaps I'll make something up. We'll see.

Second, our Blog Administrator is experiencing some computer issues. Seems his computer is resisting bootups. He's going to look into getting this corrected as soon as possible, and I hope it is soon as I use his computer.

Third, and this ties in with the second announcement, if you go a couple of weeks without seeing anything posted from Bevie, Wolverine, or myself, you may assume the computer has given up trying and your Blog Administrator is offline. IF that happens, you can still post your stories. Save them as usual, but use "Post Options" to set the date and time for posting. Try to use Thursdays and Saturdays. If another story is already posted on one of those days, just use the following week. If we get scheduled out for more than two weeks, you can use Mondays. Hopefully, our Blog Administrator will get the computer issue resolved this week and it won't be an issue.

Fourth, and this is the biggie! I am pleased to announce the arrival of Commander Cerulean Grey and his right hand - uh, man - Stamur Chaste.

Commander Grey is heading up the Interstellar and Time Legion of Super Heroes. He is actively seeking heroes to sign up for his legion. We saw him show up in Hidden Embers' last episode.

If you would like your hero to be part of Commander Grey's legion, what you need do is include him in one of your episodes and have him invite your hero.

Commander Grey is intelligent, strong, and very much a leader. He is dressed in some sort of energy suit. He wears fire glasses, and he carries a special camera, binoculars, and staff.

Stamur Chaste is also highly intelligent. She is a soldier - no nonsense, no smiles, no awareness outside of her job. She travels with Trixie, an intelligent being in the form of a fox, complete with a sense of humor.

Commander Grey has power over time and space, so it is possible for him to be in more than one place at one time.

There are already several heroes in Commander Grey's Legion. These can be found at "Available Heroes" in Legion Headquarters. There are also five (5) members of the "Heroines of the Night" group. This is an independent force which (sometimes) cooperates with Commander Grey's forces.

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