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Monday, April 6, 2009

Any Ideas on This

The question keeps coming up, and thus far I have no good answer for it, about how we will proceed with posting stories beginning next Monday.

We seem to be agreed that two or three posts per week (to start with) seems reasonable. The question I have is this:

Suppose Author A posts Part 1 of their story on Monday. Author B wants to post on Thursday and Author C wants to post on Saturday, and Author D wants to post the following Monday.

When will Author A post Part 2 of their story? We don't want to hold people up from posting, but at the same time readers want cliff-hangers to be resolved. I have some ideas, but I'm going to let you guys tell me what you think instead of pushing stuff at you.

EDIT NOTE: We need at least four more Hero pictures on the sidebar. You can either let me know and I'll put them up, or I can grant you temporary admin rights so you can do it yourselves. Whichever works best for people. Let me know.


fairyhedgehog said...

I am quite happy for you to "push ideas at us", or as I would see it make suggestions, especially as this was your idea and you are the driving force behind it. What did you have in mind?

Whirlochre said...

I don't mind being held up as I'm guessing my posts will be sporadic.

Would you be ok to receive submissions via email and monitor the order?

If I have any more thoughts, I'll let you know.

Hero on the way...

writtenwyrdd said...

I had better get to work on my hero icon, hadn't I? I was planning to draw my own based the on the Hero Shop site for ideas. (I'm not a graphic artist, lol, I just play one.)

As far as posting goes, I like Whirl's idea that you (or someone)queues the posts. One thing I like very much about typepad is that I can pre-post things and they come up on their own at the designated date. Blogger doesn't allow this, to my knowledge, so your posts go live immediately.

fairyhedgehog said...

You can postdate with Blogger. You go to post options (bottom left of text input window) and set the date to whatever date you like.

I also like the idea of Bevie marshalling the posts, unless that is too much work.

Bevie said...

Well, my monitoring the posts was my last idea, but we're kind of getting a consensus here.

My thinking is that some of us are going to be more prolific than others. Different people have different demands on their time, etc.

For those of you considering serial stories, will you know going in how many parts you intend to write? That could make a difference on how stories are posted. Stories with more than three parts could be run on the same day, leaving the other two days for other Authors.

Short serials (2-3) could be posted in the same week.

Is anyone willing to hold off until Monday, so we have a story to begin the week?

blogless troll said...

We could each prepare our posts and "Save As Draft" and let Bevie change the dates to be posted, etc. That would be less work for her as opposed to emailing them to her.

Bevie said...

Saving as drafts makes sense, especially since everyone has posting rights anyway. But I'm fine either way.

Post as a draft or email me the story.


fairyhedgehog said...

That is a very cool idea, BT.

Whirlochre said...

I'm with BT too.

Our sporadic existences are as unstable molecules (though evidently more colourful and stretchy) and though I'm in on this, I can't make it a deadlinable endeavour.

So — submissions to sift seems to be the order of the day, and perhaps what we need to think about is a way of ensuring that Bevie (in his generosity for hoisting this superhero world into being) isn't the sole sifter.

Maybe we can post as we're taken, to be sifted as worked out on a D&D style "OK, you sit outside the tent for the next couple of hours while the mages learn their spells" kind of rota.

writtenwyrdd said...

Hey Bevie, I emailed my new superhero to you: Boetha the Electric Zombie. I can only post, not put stuff in the sidebar, so I assumed that's what you wanted us to do? let me know otherwise!

writtenwyrdd said...

Save as drafts would work wonderfully. We need to ensure consitent tags and headers for our own work so there is no confusion; but that should be doable.

freddie said...

Yeah, I'm not worried about being held up. Won't have much time to write until the end of May, anyway.

Seems like you're working it all out, Bevie.

freddie said...

I'll e-mail you my new superhero as soon as I get a pic out of it. Having trouble with that.

Lisa said...

Whatever works best for you and what you have time for, we can always try out a suggestion and see how it goes.

Anna Claire said...

Good luck with everything, guys! I can't wait to see what you all post. I unfortunately can't join you right now, but thank you Bevie for asking and I'll definitely be keeping tabs on the superheroes!

writtenwyrdd said...

Okay, my first episode is up as a draft. I haven't done blogger in forever so I just saved it. Which means it isn't going to post until Bevie tells it to, right?

Bevie said...

Hi, Writtenwyrdd.

That's the theory. [smiles]

I note the labels you chose:
Boetha and the Phantom Poet,

Would you mind if I modified them?
Boetha (the Electric Zombie),
the Phantom Poet,

This will allow readers to find all stories about Boetha, from you, or The Phantom Poet.

Let me know.