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Friday, April 3, 2009

Legion Gala -> A Bit of an Adjustment

Actually, you know what I think makes more sense than "scheduling" everybody for a day?

Just begin posting on Friday, April 10th. Multiple postings each day are allowed through the 12th. Not everyone will be ready by next weekend, and rather than people contacting me and saying they won't be able to post, we'll just let people post when they can. After the 12th, we'll go to two to three (2-3) posts in a week. If we get too back-logged we'll increase the frequency.

How does this sound?


Whirlochre said...

Sounds like the X Men applying the final touches to their make-up before a Mother & Mutant beauty pageant...

fairyhedgehog said...

It sounds wonderful, Bevie. We'll start with a huge bang and then settle into a regular rhythm.

(Don't write too many stories for the weekend though! Don't forget you've got a sequel to write for Kiahva.)

Bevie said...

[haha] Yeah, Whirl, kind of like that, I suppose. I just want to make sure I don't interfere with people's creativity with a load of silly rules and pressure to write. I want everyone to just have fun. That will make it more fun for those of us who read what's written.

Bevie said...

Don't worry, Fairy. I'm planning on just the one story, although it's going to be a two-parter. I'll probably post Part 1 on Friday and Part 2 on Saturday.

I will probably be returning to Kiahva today or tomorrow. Depends on how many interruptions I get.

Lisa said...

I liked how you change the response vote type buttons. I was hard put to select the 'have a beer' since I hate beer! Wine yes, Beer - YUCK barf!
Aren't I silly

what is Kiahva? Sounds like a really cool sounding name!

Bevie said...

The only time I can drink beer and like it is when I am extremely hot and thirsty. But I'm not that keen on wine, either.

Never got much into alcohol. Like certain mixed drinks: margaritas, dachiris, rum drinks. But I have to be careful. Mixed with my medications I can wind up in the hospital.

Kiahva is the name of my main character in Apprentice, a short story I wrote back in January. I have a feeling Kiahva is going to head up a whole series of short stories. Kind of like the Heroes thing, only the stories will be longer.