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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An Idea to Consider

FairyHedgeHog just posted about the Legion of Super On-Line Heroes on her blog. She included a new Super character, but is unclear at the moment if he is a hero or villain. Fairy has mentioned something like this before. Do heroes always have to be "good"? Are villains always "bad"? What if we had the following categories?



fairyhedgehog said...

I suppose I want more clarity on whether comic book characters have to be clearly good or evil, or whether there is room for change and for gradations and ambiguity like in the Joss Whedon Buffy and Angel universe.

I find complex characters more interesting but maybe that doesn't work in the comic book world.

In the D&D type universes they have gradations like chaotic good and lawful evil, which is at least slightly nuanced, but I'm thinking more than that.

Bevie said...

I think what I like best are four (4) groups:

Good Hero-Good Methods: Superman - never does wrong

Good Hero-Questionable Methods:Dark Knight - does what needs to be done

Villain With a Heart: Not so much out to hurt people as to just "get rich"

Villain Without Heart: Seeks domination, destruction, and/or death

Batman wasn't the only comic book hero who utilized questionable methods to capture criminals and thwart their plans. Vigilante also broke the law. And a little known hero named Rorshack was actually a bit of a psychotic. He dropped a villain down an elevator shaft.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with "flawed" heroes. Comics use them, though not so much as they could.

We want to keep as many options open as possible. Like Blogless Troll said, just keep it PG-13.

I think we should try to have a variety of types, or all the heroes will appear the same. Go for what you want, I say. You'll write better.

Lisa said...

This all sounds good. I'm all for freedom of expression and where the character takes us.
Gatto Dea respest those who respects her children, so she might end up buddy up a bit with Pelage.

Oh Bevie, the story telling starts already, is this a sign of what I can expect from your novel. Oh! I can't wait to get my grubby hands on it.

BTW - It sounds like Fairyhedgehog was able to edit other parts of this blog, but I only see the New Post. I wanted to add my email to the notifications. Bevie, could you add my email to the notifications?

Glad you moved the heros above the Villians. I like that.

Firestar said...

Lisa: Done!

Lisa said...

great - thank you!

Bevie said...

By the way, that was really me. I was logged into Firestar's account when I made that comment.