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Friday, April 3, 2009

Legion Gala -> Kick-Off to the Stories


Based on comments to this post, and to others, the following changes have been made:

... Bevie
... Blogless Troll
... FairyHedgeHog
... Freddie
... Lisa
... Whirlochre
... Writtenwyrdd

The Gala will begin on Friday, April 10th and continue through the 12th. Anyone can post during those days.

Beginning on Monday, April 13th, we will only do three (3) posts each week:
... Monday
... Thursday
... Saturday

If I understand correctly, Lisa has requested Monday. This leaves Thursday and Saturday open.

= = = = = = = = =

(original post)

As of right now, we have issued personal invites to 17 people, nine (9) have expressed enough of an interest that Official Blog Invites have been sent. Five have accepted the blog invites.

... Bevie
... Blogless Troll
... FairyHedgeHog
... Freddie
... Lisa

... Robin
... Stacy
... Whirlochre
... Writtenwyrdd

Unable to Contact:
... Ms Sparrow

NOTE: If you have not received a personal invite it is probably because I do not know your email address. Personal invites were sent via email. However, not receiving a personal invite does NOT mean you cannot participate. By all means, post a comment and let us know you want to write, too.

The plan is to begin with a Legion Gala on the weekend of April 10th-12th. This would be the ONLY time we want multiple stories in a single day. We may not get that anyway, if we aren't all ready to submit.

My thinking is to assume the participation of all Blog Invitees. I set up a random number generator to pick who would submit on which day. This is the result:

Friday, April 10th:
... Bevie*
... Lisa*
... Whirlochre

Saturday, April 11th:
... Blogless Troll*
... FairyHedgeHog*
... Freddie*

Sunday, April 12th:
... Robin
... Stacy
... Writtenwyrdd

* = Official Participating Member at the time of this post

How does this work for everyone? Please let me know right away how this works for you. (I know some of you indicated you would only be occasional submitters, and I know who you are, but I thought it best to assume you could write instead of could not. So do not panic thinking I misunderstood. Just comment and let me know you can't make it at this time.)

Beginning on Monday, April 13th, we will go to a single post per day. It was suggested we use Monday and Thursday as "Official Post Days". I'm thinking we could include Saturday, too.

Also, to make it easy for readers to find your submissions (this is needful when you use cliff-hangers), I suggest we use Labels. Use one label for your name (for readers who like to follow an author); one label for each hero (for readers who like to follow heroes); and one label for each villain (for readers who like to follow villains).

These are just suggestions! Let me know if I'm getting too carried away. (I do that. Tend to get all kid-like over things like this.) I'm just thinking Labels are a great way to follow story-lines.

Please give feedback! As much and as often as you like.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


fairyhedgehog said...

Would it be less confusing to say that we will go to two or three posts a week? I think that A single post per day implies that we are posting every day.

fairyhedgehog said...

PS I think the Labels idea is great and we need to standardise spelling to make it work.

What I mean is that my hero is Fairy Hedgehog and my author name is fairyhedgehog. If we spell it all kinds of ways with different capital letters (which I normally like) it won't work. That will apply to everyone's names.

Bevie said...

Good points. I'll begin saying two or three posts per week beginning now.

Regarding names, perhaps we should let Authors tell us how they want themselves/their heroes identified.

Since you're up, what are your preferences?

fairyhedgehog said...

Pretty much as I said. If it's the character, her name is Fairy Hedgehog. If it's me the author then it's fairyhedgehog. It's easy to see which is which then.

I used to capitalise my name like the character but it's easier to have no capitals and just one word when you use your name to login to things.

Bevie said...

I'll change the Labels then.


Whirlochre said...

Not sure I'll be up for the 10th as I haven't even originated yet, but I'll be here at some stage.

It's looking like Big Fun.

writtenwyrdd said...

I'd think a 2 day a week would work, or we could have regular recurring post days. But whatever the consensus is works for me.

Can you resend the invite? I might have deleted it unread, thinking it was spam.

word veri: emanutia

that sounds like it could be something real and very VERY mysterious.

And I still don't have an idea what to call my mahvelous alter ego.

Bevie said...

Done, Writtenwyrdd.

Yes. I've often thought some of the verification words are really cool.

Regarding names, I cheated. Went to an on-line synonym site and looked up words which had something to do with the character's appearance, or their companion creatures.

Panthera, Pelege, Ophideon.

Lisa said...

Bevie I like what you did for your names I'm thinking that Gatto Dia needs more than just a title for her name.
Good idea about the labels

I prefer limiting the the number of post per week and with no more than one in a day
If possible I'd rather have an initial post day later as it was my plan that gatto dea jumps into action based on what she's heard. Otherwise she's really happy to hang about with her feline kingdom. I do have my back up involving the villian with a cat so if someone uses her I'd like to tie that in with mine

Bevie could you check to see if my email was added to notification. I think I was notified for a comment but not the initial post

Bevie said...

Lisa, I got to thinking and decided that rather than me assigning a day to post it would work better if Authors just posted as they were ready, with the understanding that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday can display multiple stories, but beginning on Monday we will only do three posts per week: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

We're going to need a Monday Post, so no problem in your waiting. I'm planning on posting Part 1 on Friday and Part 2 on Saturday.

I created a Google Group and invited all seven current Authors to join. It looks like this group can also be used for discussion chats and such.

fairyhedgehog said...

I know the weekend is a free for all but what about afterwards? Won't we need a rota of some sort so that we don't get 3 posts in one day?

Bevie said...

Yes. That's kind of been weighing on my mind, too.

Right now there are seven of us:
... Lisa
... fairyhedgehog
... blogless troll
... Whirlochre
... freddie
... Writtenwyrdd
... Bevie

I hate to "assign days". Not everyone will have time to generate stories every other week.

Perhaps when one of us has a story to post they could give the others a "heads up". Something like, "I've got a 3-part story I would like to post next week." Mon-Thu-Sat

If no one has a story for a particular day I'm sure I can find something to post about so that readers aren't left wondering if the blog has gone quiet.

What do you think?

fairyhedgehog said...

Maybe we can use the Group to negotiate this sort of thing?

By the way, is it worth editing the post to reflect changes in the set up? Not everyone will read the comments.

Bevie said...

Good point, Fairy!

Lisa said...

Unless everyone who post plans on creating a mini short story every time, each story will, in effect, be a multi-post.

So when it is suggested to have a multi-post - is that because the entire story is being written from beginning until the end?

If people plan to write complete complete stories in a post, then there might well be many multiple post request.

It is most unlikely I will post multiple days in a row. Mainly, I misunderstood the original intent, in that I rather thought that we were going to write one story, with each person adding to it with their character. So one person writes, the next takes from there . . which would have required time between a post so that the next person could read the post before posting.

My plan is to somewhat follow what I thought would happen however I managed to work that out . . .

Now given that many (most/all) stories might be self contained, different postings in between could cause a reader to forget and not really have the time to reread, so from that point, if people want to write stories that begin in end in a few post, having them follow each is a good idea.

gee, I haven't really helped have I? :-)

I guess we can just give it a go and see what happens.
I know I really don't have time to read a long blog entry. Having 2 or more stories on a day will likely result in one (more of them) being skipped.
I'd have to REALLY love the story line to read it all . . . mainly, I don't like reading long comments online - and I'm not too likely to print out blog entries.

I'm really here for fun, I wasn't planning on editing, revising, and knocking myself out - not even planning on breaking a sweat.

Bevie said...

Ah. You were thinking of a Progressive story! I haven't done one of those since I was young.

Maybe I'm the one who's out of step. I was thinking at the beginning we would introduce our characters with their own stories. In time, they would cross over.

We don't have to all do the same thing. I don't think so, anyway. This is about having fun.

The rules on this are the same no matter what we do: 500-words maximum; only one writer posts per day (except for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this week).

I don't think we need spend much time with our stories. It doesn't take long to reach 500-words.

Maybe what we do is not pick Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays to write. But instead we let whoever is in the middle of a story post 500-word episodes until finished. Maximum of four parts? Then the next writer can write their piece. Writer collaboration would be great! If two or more writers want to do a progressive, wonderful! I just want to make sure everyone gets to post, and nobody has to post.

Any thoughts?

blogless troll said...

My plan was to have a comic book-like series where each post has sort of a cliffhanger ending that needs to be resolved in the next "issue." I'm not too keen on everyone writing one story and adding to it at this point, unless we come up with a separate "series" for that. I think everyone one writing their own at first and treating them like different comic book titles would be good and then later on have the crossovers. I really think we need to let the characters develop first or the crossovers won't mean a whole lot.

I agree with Bevie: we all don't have to do the same thing. And I think it would work better if everyone did what they wanted. If two or more people want to collaborate, great. If not, that's great too.

As far as a posting schedule goes, I really don't know. Three days a week, one post per posting day sounds reasonable. But maybe we should make three days definite posting days, and leave open the possibility of more. I'd hate to have a huge backlog of posts and only be able to get 3 of them out a week. Probably need some kind of queue system or just keep each other informed as to how many post we have ready to go.