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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Clarification

Thought it might be a good idea to post some of the agreed upon parameters for those who are visiting just to check things out.

Fortunately, the parameters are few. We've tried to make the box as large as possible This is what we've (the Founding Members) have agreed on thus far.

1. Only one story should be published per day.

Since ALL members have complete posting authority this will need be on the manners system. The idea is to not give readers too much to follow at any given time. Also, multiple submissions on a day make the early posts less likely to be read, as readers may not have the time to get through them all.

We are thinking of using Mondays and Thursdays as "Posting Days", although that has NOT been finalized. It's a good idea though. (No, it wasn't mine.) There is still the idea of Saturday posting, too, but we're still collecting new members and so this concept is still open for discussion. If you have any thoughts on it, PLEASE discuss it by commenting to this post.

2. Maximum story size should be 500-words

Being a wordy person myself, I have gone through some of my blog posts and found that 1000-word+ postings give a headache. (I'm trying to be better.) So having a 500-word limit should work fine. It also encourages cliff-hangers, which (I think it was Whirlocher who said it) truly goes with the comic book theme of this blog.

3. Keep stories to PG-13 (or at least try to)

We expect more than a few readers to invite their children to read the stories. This doesn't mean stories have to be written
for children. Many children can appreciate stories geared for an older audience.

Right now, that's about it.

Lisa has made the great suggestion that we can ultimately bring the stories into the same universe. Heroes (villains) begin showing up in the stories of other heroes (villains). Which reminds me: We're calling this The Legion of On-Line Super Heroes, but that doesn't mean your main super character can't be a villain. This super world is huge. There's room for all kinds of creativity. At least two authors are hinting that their heroes won't be "all good". They intend to include human (personality) flaws, which will make the characters all that more dynamic.

FairyHedgeHog also has set up a place where on-line chats can take place. All we need do is let the other hero authors know when. Chats can take on two forms (as my current imagination sees): authors chatting about how things are going and any changes they would like to see; authors chatting as their heroes in a more whimsical meeting.

We DEFINITELY want imput from the authors involved. We also want to hear from readers, and those curious about how to participate. Eventually (by WE I mean YOU, if you are an author) Eventually. (soon, I hope) we will post a place for making such inquiries.

So, for now we'll keep on getting ourselves prepared. It looks to be a lot of fun.

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