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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unata Gatto Dea - Saving Matilda


Her once brilliant yellow wings glowed a pulsing blood red as she leveled her gaze down to the blubbering fool bugging for mercy. Unata Gatto Dea had heard the call that one of her children was in distress and she had arrived to find a sad under fed tiger, while this fool who now groveled before her, had stood menacing over the cat.

The fiend wasn't at first too concerned when she appeared, he had sneered at her, thinking her pink attire too frilly as she whirled around in front of him. He had laughed, “What are you?”

She had reached down and rubbed the ears of the tiger who had conveyed its name as Matilda, once a great tigress, hunting the plains before the fiend had captured her and tried to starve her into submission. Matilda had rubbed her head against Unata's hand, she knew, all felines knew, who Unata was. Unata's touch alone was enough to restore energy to her tired body while Twinkle, on queue, fluttered over, and although not even a quarter the size of the tiger picked her up by mouth as if she were but a newborn cub, and disappeared.

It was after Twinkle had blinked away with Matilda that Unata Gatto Dea showed the fiend what she was capable of, she merely stared at him, he fidgeted from side to side, then started slowly backing away from her as his careless grin quivered. It was at this time that her wings changed color. She blew the energy bolt and wand into the air, they disappeared, and she held up her right hand, the palm facing her, and slowly unsheathed each fine razor tipped claw. And repeated the display with left hand. When the last shiny talon surfaced from her finger tip, the fiend turned to run, she allowed it. Titus jumped into the scene and then stood at a attention, his tail twitching eagerly, “Oh Please oh please, let me.” She signaled him to go, he bounded after the fiend and knocked him to the ground. The fiend hadn't seen this beast before, he was shocked, he had thought he might outrun the female in the funny get up as he didn't think she'd be able to skate on the pebbled road.

Titus held the fiend down with his big paw, his claws engaged just enough that any movement would pierce the fiends skins. Unata stood over him, she nearly purred with venom, “I'm Unata Gatto Dea, and you will pay for what you have done to Matilda.”

“Matilda,” the fiend mouthed his eyes darting left and right.

She came up to him, nose to nose, “Humans have no business with my children when they don't even know their names.” As she stood, her hair went flat against her head, her ears pointed forward and should stood poised as the fiend quivered and whined for mercy beseeching her to explain what he had done.

“But who are you?”

“Gatto Dea you mortal fool – Cat Goddess.”


fairyhedgehog said...

She's scary! I'm glad I'm kind to cats.

Bevie said...

I agree. At first I thought Titus might eat the fool. But then I realized that Titus probably doesn't eat junk food.

writtenwyrdd said...

I like how you ended it where you did, leaving us to guess what happened. (Although we all know the fiend suffers a terrible fate.)

Lisa said...

I also ran out of words, I decided I'd rather leave the messy details out rather than edit something else out.

True, true, Titus wouldn't want junk food - although, I have gotten to the point yet that all the felines are vegeterians :-) (it DOES pain me that my most cherished little pets are little killers!)

As you can see, Unata is most likely to helpful to anyone good to her feline children, hence, she might just help a villian if it helps a cat!

Whirlochre said...

For someone who looks so cute, this babe is a real meanie. And — energy bolts? Help.

blogless troll said...

I'm allergic to cats. I hope she doesn't hold that against me.