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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Foggy Choices - Part II

Foggy Choices (part two)
by Bevie James

Pelage smiled. “Hello, Panthera. Looking for me?”

Panthera didn’t answer. She looked to the wall of water. Would Pelage release it? If she did, Panthera knew she would be worse than helpless. Pelage continued.

“You were careless, Panthera. How unlike you. But then I could always get around you, couldn’t I? You’re in my power again. Why are you here, as if I cannot guess?”

“I’ve come to bring you home, Pelage.”


“Because it is where you belong. This world. It’s not for us.”

“There are riches to be had in this world, girl.”

“Not for us, Pelage. I’ve seen the things these people call ‘riches’. Things of metal and stone. What have we to do with that?”

Pelage laughed. “I do not speak of the minerals. I speak of something far greater, which they transport from this port around their world.”

“And what would that be?”

Pelage became serious. “Grain. Untold amounts of it. You’ve seen the ships? They are filled to capacity. Just think what that could mean for us back in Khat?”


“Yes, honey. Us. There is no reason we can not do this together. We’ve always been good together. Remember?”

“I do. But I cannot enjoin myself to this plan, Pelage. It is wrong.”

Pelage shook her head. “Well, you never did show much sense. But I love you anyway. Still, I can’t have you interfering.”

Panthera backed to the wall. Pelage and Onca came down to stand before her, the wall of water at their back. Pelage’s dampening aura was reaching out, threatening to drain Panthera into unconsciousness. Panthera focused her thoughts. “Now, Leo.”

As the foghorn sounded the roar of a lion pierced the shroud of water and it fell apart like harmless rain. Pelage and Onca turned in surprise, releasing Panthera from the power of the aura. Panthera instantly focused her thought and was inside Leo’s body. Pelage melted into Onca’s body and the panther broke into a run.

Her goal was obviously to lose herself in the fog, but Leo had been ready, and the lion overtook the panther up on the hill in a park pavilion. Leo caught hold of Onca and at once the two women separated from their cats. Panthera wrapped her arms around Pelage. The other woman tried to struggle, but it was too late.

Pelage turned in Panthera’s arms so they faced. “Oh, Honey, don’t send me back. Please. For old time’s sake. After all, I could have struck back at the lighthouse. You know that?”

Panthera did know it. It had been what she had counted on. But now that her plan was successful, she felt guilty. She gazed into Pelage’s eyes and then kissed her. When they broke she released her prey. Leo did the same with Onca. As Pelage faded into the mists she turned.

“I love you, honey.”

Panthera sat with Leo through the remainder of the night. With each sound of the foghorn the big cat roared in anguish.



writtenwyrdd said...

Now she has to chase and catch her all over again! (Just like a cat, eh?)

Nice conflict. How's she going to deal with her decision? Do we get to find out?

fairyhedgehog said...

I like the dyamic between the two women. I hope we get to find out more bits and pieces of the backstory on them as time goes on.

Bevie said...

Thanks. You think it fits the PG rating? I wasn't sure, but it's how the story wanted to play out.

Pelage is Panthera's original nemesis, but there will be others. I will try to work some backstory in, but 500-words isn't much sometimes.

However, on the flip side, this seems to be a good exercise in word conservation.

writtenwyrdd said...

It's PG enough for me!

Lisa said...

sure it fits PG - why wouldn't it?

Cool how the interact with their cats!

Whirlochre said...

Loving the cat theme. This just wouldn't work out with dogs. They'd just sit around looking stupid and would probably chew all the costumes.

Bevie said...

"This just wouldn't work out with dogs. They'd just sit around looking stupid and would probably chew all the costumes."

As well as "mark" the lighthouse and leave "reminders" in the park.

blogless troll said...

Do we get to learn more about these two? Well, four I guess with the cats.

Bevie said...

I'm not through with them, but it will be a bit. I'm writing about Hidden Embers right now. He's got his own fish to fry.

NOTE: Since both Panthera and Hidden Embers operate out of Minnesota it seems inevitable that they should meet one day.